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All books published in Australia are eligible for free inclusion in D W Thorpe’s Australian Books in Print (AusBiP), which is used by libraries and bookshops to identify and order titles for their customers. It is currently produced in two different formats: an annual bound edition and a monthly edition on microfiche; and it will soon be available on-line.

Australian Books in Print includes lists of Australian titles and authors, as well as contact details for Australian publishers and distributors. ABiP is an excellent form of free advertising for your book, and consequently it is important that you provide up-to-date details for inclusion in each edition!

To ensure that libraries and bookshops are able to locate and order your books easily, it is essential that you provide as much information as possible, and as early as possible prior to the publication of your book.

Should any details change during the production process, your entry in Australian Books in Print will be updated free of charge, as soon as you notify D W Thorpe in writing, quoting the relevant ISBN.

Thorpe’s free entry forms allow you to add new titles and Thorpe will assist you in completing them if necessary.

Guide to New Australian Books is a unique listing and description of newly published Australian books. Each entry includes an annotation (a description of the work’s contents), full bibliographic details, author, editor, illustrator and subject index. To be eligible for entry into GNAB, you need to send a copy of your work to Thorpe Information Services as soon as possible after publication.

When submitting, please include a notification of its GST-inclusive recommended retail price and the month and year of its publication.

Books and Copyright

• Copyright does not protect facts or information.

• Copyright may, however, protect “compilations” of information such as catalogues, databases, dictionaries, directories and tables, even though individual facts or items in the compilation are not protected.

• You do not need permission to reproduce particular facts from a compilation (such as a name, address and telephone number from a telephone directory). However, you will generally need permission to reproduce all or a “substantial part” of a compilation.

• Copyright also protects forms, if they are sufficiently “original”.

The Australian Copyright Council is a non-profit organisation whose objectives are to:

• Assist creators and other copyright owners to exercise their rights effectively;

• Raise awareness in the community about the importance of copyright;

• Identify and research areas of copyright law which are inadequate or unfair;

• Seek changes to law and practice to enhance the effectiveness and fairness of copyright;

• Foster co-operation amongst bodies representing creators and owners of copyright.

The Australian Copyright Council has been assisted by the Commonwealth Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body.

© Australian Copyright Council 2008.

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Books and Barcodes

The barcode, representing a product’s number in a form which can be read by an electronic barcode scanner, is used by publishers, booksellers and libraries to order, sell and manage books using computerised inventory and cataloguing systems. Including a barcode on your book will make it easier for a bookseller or library to sell or lend your book. The barcode should be included on the back cover of the book, for ease of use.

Barcodes can be generated without an ISBN/ISSN, however if you have either of these numbers, it makes more sense to generate the barcode from them, as they are complementary systems. If you don’t have an

ISBN/ISSN, you will need to contact EAN (see address above), who administer barcodes in Australia.

Thorpe Information Services offers publishers the option of obtaining barcodes in a ready-to-use format with their ISBNs. Contact Thorpe (contact details are listed in the ‘ISBN’ section, above) for an application form to have a barcode produced with your ISBN.

Alternatively, barcode suppliers are listed in the Yellow Pages of major cities, under the heading ‘Identification Systems’.

If you select Love of Books Consultancy Package No1, your barcode application will be taken care of.


For any questions or comments, please feel free to contact Love of Books.