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Love of Books is launching a brand new service to assist authors who have printed books or eBooks with Love of Books Australia-wide.

What we are doing

WE ARE OFFERING FREE ONLINE BOOK SALES EXPOSURE : We are creating a dynamic opportunity for authors Australia-wide, as a thank-you to our self published authors.


We are creating a high impact featured website to promote your new book FREE ONLINE absolutely FREE OF CHARGE.

What will the WEBSITE page do?

Give you FREE ONLINE BOOK SALES EXPOSURE through search engines on-line.

What goes on the website page?

The page will display a 3D image of YOUR NEW BOOK. ( We create this 3D image free of charge. You may request a free copy) A brief summary of your book can be displayed with the 3D image.  A link to you as the authors point of sale will also be placed alongside the book image and description.

 Rules: The only things we ask of you is:

You must place our link and/or a brief testimonial on your page where you are advertising your book for sale.

Use appropriate language and words, as per our advice to help increase your sales opportunities. That’s it! 

We will give you the 3d image of your book along with the on-line exposure option free of charge. It is our way of saying thank-you. 

Extras: A professional review of your new self-published book can also be provided for small charge. If you purchase a publishing package over 5,000 dollar value you are entitled to two professional book reviews at no charge. Absolutely FREE of charge. Reviews are limited to professionally edited books only.

Why are we doing this?

We like to be different. Other publishers are selling … or supposedly selling self published authors books in their on-line stores.  They then send authors the small royalty from the sales… if any. In turn, turning over profit margins from the sales of the self-published authors books.  The feedback we receive back from authors all over the world is how we received this information.

We decided to think outside the box. Yes, we like to be different!

Love of Books-Testimonials

Ricci Carr

‘It is my pleasure to have discovered the self – publishing business Love of Books. My grateful thanks goes out to Julie McGregor and the team @ For over a period of time of development through to publishing of my book I can sing but where is my voice? I have had the most wonderful experience of attention to detail AND getting the job done right. Being a new author I was on shakey ground – should not have worried as there was the team for support and getting the job done. I cannot thank Love of Books enough and can highly recommend to other searching authors. Feel the first time fear and do it anyway.You will reap the benefits. A true professional business with a publishing team that not only really knows their stuff, but have a real care factor.

Canon Jim Glennon

‘I was very pleased to find Love of Books when I was looking for a way to self publish my book Healing is a Way of Life. Love of Books, having the advantage of being based in Australia, made self-publishing a real option for me. As I went through the process, Julie McGregor, the Director, was extremely helpful – patiently answering my questions, either by email or phone. She made the whole book publishing process an interesting and rewarding experience. I feel that I have gained a friend, not just a business contact, and can thoroughly recommend Love of Books, especially for Australian authors. Zillah Williams For purchasing enquiries: <a href=””>zillahw[at]</a> Writer <a href=””>’</a>

John R. Small

‘I recently had my book – ‘My Budget Mate’ – published through Love of Books.
Although my daughter did the formatting and other computer work for the book, she did so under Julie McGregor’s guidance. Also, we had our own artist who provided many ‘cartoony’ drawings for the book and again, with Julie McGregor’s assistance, these were provided to her in the quality necessary for printing.
Julie McGregor was always accommodating of our requests and nothing was a bother or inconvenience to her. We are very pleased with the outstanding service provided by McGregor and her team.

As far as the physical production of ‘My Budget Mate’ was concerned, it came with some challenges to Julie’s team. The book is a ‘hands on’ workbook, showing not only how to create a budget but also, more importantly, how to operate a budget. Being a workbook of 368 pages where entries can be made in the book, it was imperative that the book opened out flat no matter what page was being worked on. Julie went to great lengths to find a printer who could do this at an affordable price. The end result is fantastic – thank you Julie McGregor.

If you are looking to self-publish your work, you will find it difficult to go past Love of Books for the professionalism and affordability offered by Julie McGregor and her team. I highly recommend Love of Books. John R Small <a href=””>’</a>

Charli Winters

‘The team at Love of Books has been very supportive, courteous and professional. They have helped me publish my very first book called Unexpected Magic. If I had any concerns or queries along the way, they addressed them immediately. I like the fact they are happy to work with me not just during the process of editing, typesetting, formatting & marketing, but also after the book is print ready and is set up on the various selling channels. I told Julie – the owner of Love of Books – that she’s a super woman. She’s always working, even late into the night at times to make sure clients are well taken care of as I discovered when sending out emails a few times early evening. Thanks Love of Books for helping me getting my book published!
All the best,
Charli Winters’

Tony Hogben

‘After many decades in the Racing Game. I decided to collate all my notes and publish a book…..well, two and half years on, I came to the conclusion that publishers and their agents were just a bunch of miscreants…….then I found Love of Books……a brilliant, very professional business service that knows the publishing game backwards, and treats customers as being vital to the success of this business…. …..Authors, spoil yourselves, deal only with Love of Books…..and you will avoid the heartbreak, despair and financial loss that comes with searching for an agent/publisher.’ Tony Hogben. ‘Winners, Losers and Lowlifes’

Ken Butcher

‘Love of Books staff worked with me to publish a large and complex theological book of 718 Pages in Crown Quarto size. During this time I was most unwell, battling terminal cancer and palliative cancer treatments. I needed someone I could lean on and trust and who would see this project through, if necessary posthumously. Although there were difficult periods where I wondered whether I would live to see it completed, the project is now in its final stages and I am grateful for Melanie supporting me with all the final details in the crucial stages on completion to ensure everything is completely to my satisfaction’.’ Ken Butcher ‘The Church; What On Earth Is It?’

John Duffy

I want to thank Love of Books, and all the staff, for a wonderful experience in producing my book, the “Australian Bus and Coach Drivers’ Guide”. From initial contact to completion of dispatch, I have been impressed with Love of Books constant level of professionalism, care and support all round. They were sensitive to the personal loss in my family (at the time I first expressed interest in their business). They were able to offer me a fantastic range of services, and advise me on doing “little things” under my own volition (to increase the satisfaction of personally achieving various aspects of production). Julie was amazing in production of the product, and advice for marketing and future development of the book. The Dispatch department was brilliant, contacting me personally regarding distribution and related requirements. I found their attention to detail extremely beneficial, and their advice based on years of experience invaluable. After seeking a range of suppliers, they are the most economic for quality publishers I encountered. I cannot adequately express how impressed I was with the final product. They assisted my plans with self publishing into a reality, and I am grateful. I look forward to Love of Books continued support and services in the future, and recommend them to anyone seeking to self-publishing. Australian Bus and Coach Drivers’s Guide by John Duffy:

Lora Brand

I have found working with Love of Books has been a great journey. Getting a book published through Love of Books was made easy and uncomplicated. All the fears I had were dissipated as I was walked through a step by step process along the way. Being unfamiliar with Formatting, files and programmes the team was very helpful in my accomplishment in having my book published. No Question was too dumb or hard. Thank you Love of Books.

Peter Boey

The question for every new writer is whether to self publish or try your luck through a traditional publishing house. If you believe in your dream and want to get your book published, Julie, Clare, Paul and the team at Love of Books will help your dream be realised. To hold your cherished life’s work as a professionally published book in your hands, confident to show friends and customers the culmination of all your hard work, is unsurpassed. Julie and Clare has endless patience as you work together, on a personal level, on all aspects of business to get the job done. If you’re wondering what to do with that “finished” manuscript hiding in your top draw, then I recommend that you give Love of Books a call. Publishing a book is a truly rewarding experience. Regards, Peter.

Janet Poole

“I am delighted with the quality of my completed book and the response to my cover has been amazing. My book has gone on to receive many rave reviews and several internationally recognised literary awards. Julie and her team have the utmost integrity and they helped me realize my dream of self publishing my own book. I was unwilling to hand over the rights to a publisher, yet I needed professional assistance in cover design, formatting and printing. Julie’s willingness to help is genuine; when you work with her you keep your rights, you get peace of mind and you sign off on the finished product. Love of Books self publishing success provides a much needed and trustworthy service for authors.”

Matthew Mazzaferro

I recently used Love of Books for the first time and the standard of service and quality was fantastic. Considering my situation were I needed a quick turnaround in time for a charity function after a similar company let me down. The team at Love of Books were quick to help me pick the pieces and get the job complete. I highly recommended them and look forward to working with them in the future.

Emma Hill

Life is amazing. That is one thing I know for a fact. In 2001 I wrote a manuscript that changed my life – quite literally. It took me three months and once I was finished, I put it aside and continued to live my life. Eight years later, I picked my manuscript knowing that it was time to really bring it to life and self publish it. With the help of a very good friend, we read it over and edited it many times over until it was almost perfect. Then I got in contact with a printing and publishing company named ‘Love of Books’ in Brisbane. When I phoned, I was greeted by a cheerful woman, Julie, who was more helpful than anyone I had ever met in my life. I sent her my manuscript and with her help we turned it into my very first self published book. Julie helped me with all the requirements need to self publish my book. My formatting, my front cover design, my paper size and type, and everything else from behind the scenes that goes into getting a book created for retail sale. Her husband, John, also had a hand in organising the printing of my books and the delivery. After that she organised my web page, my press releases and then helped me with absolutely everything else that I asked her about. Three years later and Love of Books have helped me self publish print and another two books, which make up my Saga and the help I had received in the beginning turned in to much more… support and that it something that any up and coming author holds dear to their heart.

Julian Ledlin

Thank-you Love of Books for guiding me through the unfamiliar territory to get me self published. The book publishing process was extremely smooth and I’m really pleased with how my new books have turned out and at such a good rate. I am very appreciative to the amount of time taken to field my many questions, the level of communication leaves other self publishers I have approached for dead. I found my emails would be replied to within minutes and felt a genuine care and dedication towards the book which I had poured my heart into over the last 12+ months. People’s initial comments when they see the finished book is “It’s just like a real book.” And it is. It sits confidently alongside any book produced by a massive publisher. The colour reproduction of the cover was spot on – there is no variation in the 100 copies I had printed. The matt finish on the cover is perfect and great quality. The Love of Books process was just too easy. Thank-you team at Love of Books- for helping me get the best possible result. You made it a pleasure to dive into the world of self-publishing and cut out the middle man once and for all. Order Johnny Foolish at for just $15 plus postage – All profits got to Medecins Sans Frontieres (Doctors Without Borders) 270 page Paperback for kids aged 7-11.

Love of Books

So you have a love of books!

You may like reading books or like some, you may like writing books.

You love your work naturally. So lets look after it and keep it safe.


Some of you may be thinking to yourselves, “but Word saves automatically, doesn’t it?” Others, “what’s a backup plan?” But there are some of you who know exactly what I’m talking about. The ones who’ve lost data. Word’s auto-save feature IS NOT FAIL PROOF. Memory sticks, computers and portable hard-drives all can defect.

So what does one do?

Back up in several places. One backup on a memory stick or even two. One on your computer and one on an on-line storage facility.  Some people don’t backup anything on their computer in-case it get’s stolen. You wouldn’t want your years of hard work in the hands of someone else would you?
I know people who have used on-line storage systems such as drop-box, Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive. All have informed me that they have never lost any of their valuable work.

Why are on-line storage systems so good?

You can have a few gigs of space with them for free.
You can access your files from anywhere, on any device with cloud storage on any computer with internet.
Look-up Cloud storage options on the internet.  Find one that is just right for you. Stating off with Microsoft OneDrive is a good option if your new to on-line storage options. This one normally comes with your Microsoft Windows program.
By Ian Lewis (Director) Love of Books Australia-wide

Love of Books Australia



Is that inner desire to publish a manuscript begging to be let out of the drawer overtaking yet?  Love of Books Australia is eager to help you reach a global audience.

Love of Books Australia is one of Australia’s superior and expert self publishing companies. We offer a diverse range of specialised services such as manuscript appraisals, editing and proofreading, book formatting and typesetting, book printing, book cover designs, website construction and book marketing to ensure every writer has an element of success.

Carefully built from feedback received from hundreds of authors, Love of Books Australia offers you a large support system along with terrific value packed products and services.

We work in partnership with printers, graphic designers, illustrators, and government agencies such as ISNB and CiP registrations to ensure your book is ready to hit the shelves.



After sending Love of Books Australia your files, a FREE quote is determined for your manuscript.  Once accepted by you, the editing process by one of our proofreading specialists begins if you have selected this service.


Working together with our design experts, text layout and formatting and cover design are an easy journey. The beginnings of a final product start to take form.  Here, the creative look you have been imagining for your book comes to life.


After the editing and constructing stages you have the chance to review your FREE book proof and make any changes before the final copy is sent to print.


The manuscript is printed, bound and polished and then delivered to you.  Congratulations, you have successfully created your book!  Now how can we market it?



“I have found working with Love of Books Australia has been a great journey. Getting a book published through Love of Books was made easy and uncomplicated. All the fears I had were dissipated as I was walked through a step by step process along the way.”

 Lora Brand

Author, Beauty for Ashes

Love of Books Australia works with premium printers in the Brisbane, Logan and Gold Coast area.  We are committed to providing first-class book publishing services for your vision.

Your designs are yours to keep, not ours.  Following your instructions, the process is completed within a reasonable time limit until they look how you want them to look.  Our team utilises premier industry programs to ensure the highest of quality in every printed word and image.

All book printing is completed upon the approval of your printed proof copy and selections agreed to on your quote acceptance. Please review our REFUND policy for more details.


At Love of Books Australia we assist you to set up promotional platforms to enable you to feel confident you have the tools to successfully market and sell your self published books. We provide tangible marketing modules that ensure physical results.

We work with you to build an understanding clearly identifying the sales targets, retail price and discounts allowable to assure that your financial investment is returned.


  • New Title Information and specifications – $250.00 (save $40.00)
  • Book review, strategy and media database – $250.00 (save $140.00)
  • FREE business cards of book posters for orders over 500 copies.
  • eBook creation with global distribution – $290.00 (special price)

 Find a Love of Books Australia Publishing Package that suits your book and budget


Love of Books is partnered with the following distribution channels:



“The team at Love of Books has been very supportive, courteous and professional. If I had any concerns or queries along the way, they addressed them immediately.”

 Charli Winters

Author, The Unexpected Magic

Family History Book

Family History Book Publishing/Printing- doesn’t need to be complicated!

Where do I start: Determine the book size, page count, how many colour pages you have, book bind type, along with how many books you require. If you need us to setup the manuscript or cover design for you then mention this in the quote request message box.  Quote Request

Once I accept my quote what do I need to provide: Once you have selected the right products and or services and checked your quote matches your requirements you can provide your manuscript in PDF, MS Word or Publisher Format.  (If your content is not set up correctly let us take care of it.  A cost effective solution).  Please ask for the password to use our secure server to send large files to us. 

Provide your print ready Cover Design- OR let our design team work with you to create a superb cover design.  (A cost effective solution).

What we will do for you: All quotes accepted for Family History Book Publishing with Love of Books come with advice, a template for your program if required and a great level of support. Our support team are experienced with many computer programs and are here for you.  Care is our point of difference! 

What book types do we provide: Hardcover Books, Paperback and Spiral Bound book types in a variety of sizes and shapes. Colour, black and white or a mix of both.

Questions can be directed here: EMAIL US.  Place questions about family history book in the subject header.

Whether you are a first time author wanting to publish your memoir or organisation’s history; a book for your grandchildren, complete with your own illustrations; or you are an experienced writer looking to launch your novel to the world, Love of Books can help you turn your ideas into reality.

Love of Books is a team of experienced publishing professionals, designers and editors. Not only can we help you with all aspects of publishing your book – from editing, typesetting, cover design and internal layout to printing, marketing and promotion design – we offer true value for money services.

Whether you want to publish your book for your family history, your organisation, or for your own satisfaction, or test its market appeal, call a consultant today on 1300 556 529.

All of us have a unique story to tell. We all have invaluable life experiences. We have treasured memories – the building blocks that give us substance and make us alive. We have experienced change – the birth of a child, the death of a loved one, or the founding of our town, the rise of our organisations and the development or destruction of our communities.

We delve into our past to recall episodes and occasions; our emotions are stirred at the sight of old photographs, copies of birth, death and marriage certificates, piles of old love letters tied tightly with ribbon, postcards from overseas, mementos and souvenirs, locked diaries and hidden keepsakes.

Recently, we used the services of ‘Love of Books’ to professionally print a family history book we had written as a family keepsake.

Having no previous experience in printing a family history book, and having a deadline to meet, we needed to ascertain how to go about it, the formatting requirements, how long it would take and the cost. We wanted personal contact with someone we could discuss these issues with face to face, rather than trying to deal with a faceless person over the internet or telephone. When we first made contact with Julie McGregor, Director of ‘Love of Books’ she fully appreciated our needs and arranged to meet us. Julie readily answered all our queries and it soon became apparent that she was technically across all the issues involved in getting a book printed. She assured us that our deadline could meet.

What impressed us most was that Julie McGregor was genuine and straightforward in all her answers and came across as someone we believed we could rely on. From this initial meeting until the final draft for printing, a time frame that also included having to have a book cover designed, we found that Julie made herself willingly available by email, telephone or personal contact. She promptly answered and addressed any issues or problems as they arose. Her diligence took any possible frustration and stress out of the whole process making it an overall enjoyable experience. Not only was it possible to get our book printed but it was to our satisfaction and within our tight deadline.

Our experience with ‘Love of Books’ was a very positive one and we have no hesitation in recommending Julie McGregor to anyone who may be thinking of printing or publishing a book. Robert & Larrane Mc Donald Highland Park, Queensland.


Love of Books and Kerry Withoos

As a published author and director of a publishing company, I am pleased to confirm that Love of Books – through their directors John and Julie McGregor and the rest of their team – offer their services with impeccable professionalism and unmatched passion for everything relating to books, book printing and publishing.

Julie McGregor provided me with one on one contact and guidance every step of the way. Words cannot express my gratitude to Julie and her assistance through this whole process in regards to publishing and printing, which ranged from formatting my book, to the type of paper to use, to advice regarding photos, to margins to use, to the cover design, to tweaking the photos to look professional and more. I cannot thank you enough Julie McGregor and your team at Love of Books. Many thanks Julie. Kerry Withoos.

Julie McGregor and Emma Aynsley

Meet the listener guests Colin and Emma Aynsley are father and daughter.

Emma is passionate about aeroplanes, she spends hours drawing them and learning about them and has recently published a picture book called Plane Crazy.

Knowing what challenges may lie ahead for Emma as a young girl with autism, Colin is keen to see his daughter develop her talents.

With the assistance and care of Julie McGregor owner of Love of Books Emma’s dream of publishing her books came to life. Julie McGregor displays a care factor above and beyond many in business.

Book Publisher Brisbane Australia- book printing and book publishing services.

Julia Gillard and Love of Books

Published on Feb 6, 2013

“Us Karen” was written by Richard Dove and illustrated by the talented Karen artist, Tha Do, to tell the amazing story of the Karen people’s journey, as refugees, from Burma to Australia.

The book was published as a Wyndham Community and Education Centre project and was funded by the Wyndham City Council. “Us Karen” was launched at Wyndham City Council on the 22nd of February, 2012 before an audience of over 300 people.

The Prime Minister of Australia, Julia Gillard, kindly supported this book launch by recording this speech from her office, in Canberra. The book has already sold 1,000 copies.

Julie McGregor also supported this book enormously by providing her own valuable time with the layout of the book along with the creation of the cover design setup ready for printing.  Julie McGregor often supports charities with her gift of valuable time and knowledge. Julie McGregor has spent over 8 years in the industry and has worked very hard to develop her business named Love of Books.

Julie McGregor and Janet Poole

Hi Julie McGregor and Love of Books

It’s a year since we published my book. It’s been a very busy, even overwhelming year mainly spent learning more about my target market and how to communicate the book’s message to the media and readers. Would you believe it – but so essential to have that message accurate and inspiring. I’ve also joined a publicity group in the US, a group who coaches how to do publicity. I’ve learned so much from them, and I only recently started to really push the book.

Now that I have that message, the book is going crazy – people LOVE IT! The reviews are magic, it’s won awards, bookstores keep selling out and I get offers to do book signings. If you want to see some reviews visit here: Also you can see some of the awards here:

I’ve attached a couple of recent articles and you’ve been on my mind for months to include a testimonial! So here it is.

“I am delighted with the quality of my completed book and the response to my cover has been amazing. My book has gone on to receive many rave reviews and several internationally recognised literary awards.

Julie McGregor and her team have the utmost integrity and they helped me realize my dream of publishing my own book. I was unwilling to hand over the rights to a publisher, yet I needed professional assistance in cover design, formatting and printing. Julie’s willingness to help is genuine; when you work with her you keep your rights, you get peace of mind and you sign off on the finished product.  Love of Books provides a much needed and trustworthy service for authors.”
Finally Julie McGregor, one of my main projects right now is creating a bestseller campaign for later in the year. Lots of work but worth it as you can imagine.

Thanks again for all the help you gave me – and when you get a chance let me know how you are!
With warm regards

Can you really get anything you want? Scientific research says you can. Learn how to value yourself and live life on your own terms. My award-winning book How to Get Anything You Want – Just Like That! is a one-stop resource for understanding life. Visit for a FREE download of 3 RADICAL chapters.

Love of Books and Ken Butcher

Julie McGregor and Melanie Folkes were the ones there for me right to the final stages. Julie Mc Gregor worked with me to publish a large and complex theological book of 718 Pages in Crown Quarto size.  During this time I was most unwell, battling terminal cancer and palliative cancer treatments.   Although there were difficult periods where I wondered whether I would live to see it completed, the project is now in its final stages and I am grateful for the way Julie Mc Gregor worked with me in getting my book ‘across the line’.  It is so good to be associated with so caring and supportive people like as Julie Mc Gregor and Melanie Folkes. Part of the great team at Love of Books.