What is an NTI?

What is a Sales Sheet

It is important that you designate a certain amount of promotional copies that you will use for soliciting reviews, gaining interest from retailers and distributors, and even giving away as part of a promotional tool. However, you want to keep this to a minimum and build interest for the book from samples and online tools. Even when you wish to wander over to the local independent bookstore to let the manager know you have published a book, you primarily need to present a well written sales sheet, rather than handing over the book.

A Sales Sheet sheet is a promotional document that details the title, author, publishing information (ISBN, Dimensions, Page Count), target market, price, author bio, synopsis, review, cover image, key selling points and of course, contact details, and point of sale. You can also have a review on this document. It is in a sense a condensed press release.

When approaching wholesalers, retailers and the media, an Sales Sheet provides the key information they expect when being pitched a new publication. You may wish to provide a discount to wholesalers on the version sent to bookshops and libraries.

Obviously have a PDF version easily accessible both at home and even on your mobile device so this can be shown and shared at a moment’s notice and I recommend having printed copies to leave with potential retailers.

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