What’s stopping you?

What is stopping you?

I realise most of the time, my biggest enemy is myself.

For example, I’m really good at coming up with genuinely valid reasons for getting fit and healthy.
There’s the kids I have to take care of, the pain in my arm, the cold weather, Jenny is coming over for coffee or that my favourite program is on TV.
All genuine valid reasons, do you think?
But once in a while, I remember my dream to fit into that size 10 dress, to turn heads like I used to…in that moment of inspiration, I take out my runners and do a 30 minute run.
…and it feels so good doesn’t it!
So what’s stopping you from finally getting your book published? Or writing your second book?
Well, based on our conversations with thousands of potential authors, it seems 2 things keep coming up: Time and Money.
I’m afraid I can’t help give you more time.
But we with our new packages we have certainly made the ‘money factor’ a whole lot easier for everyone.
Never has it been more affordable to get your book published and sold worldwide.
To find out more about our affordable, amazing publishing packages, simply call 1300 556 529 or email us at info@loveofbooks.com.au.
It’s never been easier to fulfill your dream of getting your book published!
To Your Success,
Shay and the team at Love of Books Australia-wide.