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Affiliate Program

Why register as a Love of Books affiliate?

Questions and answers- Love of Books affiliate program

Our program is transparent, easy to track, and totally free to join. By referring your friends to Love of Books, you can earn cash $$$$ all while helping them succeed with their publishing goals.

How do Affiliate Referral Fees Work?

The rate is applied to any order we receive from users who mention your affiliate name during their initial sign up for our services. Your referral fee is based on the total spend for the services rendered and the customer is satisfied.
We actually spend good money on advertising. It all means that you are getting paid and our advertisers receive less. So, the funds don’ t come out of the client sales at all but out of our advertising allowance.

How Are the Fees Calculated?

Simple: A $5,000 order can land you as much as 5% in payments. This amounts to $250.00 dollars in your pocket. You can choose to have this sent to you any way you wish.
Please note that referral fees are calculated on the sale price, not the list price, of each qualifying service or product. You earn referral fees according to the payment structures laid out below.

Earn cash for Generating Sales Through Links?

You earn referral fees whenever a visitor follows a link from your Website to us. We ask the client how they heard about us. If you are registered as an affiliate with us then your balance is adjusted and you are contacted in regards to your referral fee – cash due. In the near future we will be setting up affiliate link ID’s which will make the tracking process run a lot smoother.

Do Referral Links Expire?

You earn referral fees on any qualifying services that use your Affiliate ID. However, if they do not use your ID, your referral fee will not take affect. The referral fee will not be credited to your Affiliate account until the customer has accepted delivery, and remitted full payment to Love of Books.

Can You Recommend Ways to Increase My Referral Fees?

  • Drive traffic to your website. The amount of traffic you drive to your Web site has a direct effect on the number of sales you generate, and therefore the referral fees you earn.
  • Ask us for some complimentary flyers for your shop counter or keep some in your bag.
  • If you live in a common housing village spread the word.
  • What about your Facebook, Twitter or account?
  • Your place of work.
Self publish your manuscript – your new book for free or at a discount cost using all your referral funds (others have done this).

For Payment Purposes, When Does Each Month End and How do I Get paid?

The month ends at 11:59 p.m. (Pacific time) the last day of the month. Referral fees are paid on a monthly basis by cheque, cash, bank transfer, fuel vouchers or gift certificates approximately 6 days after the end of the month for which they are being paid.
Love of Books affiliate program working for you!
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