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Definitions of Success Love of Books Australia-wide

Definitions of Success

Love of Books Australia-wide

Huffington says that while we tend to think of success along two metrics — Money and Power — we need to add a third.

‘To live the lives we truly want and deserve, and not just the lives we settle for, we need a Third Metric,’ she says, ‘a third measure of success that goes beyond the two metrics of money and power, and consists of four pillars: well-being, wisdom, wonder, and giving.’

Together, those factors help you to take care of your psychological life and truly be successful, or as the title of her new book suggests, ‘Thrive.’ Love of Books 

How do you, yourself define success?

Is it wealth? Is it happiness? Webster’s dictionary has three definitions:

Perhaps, achieving wealth respect or fame.
Maybe, the correct or desired result of an attempt.
Someone that is successful: A person that succeeds.

Love of Books Australia-wide writes: 

The late Zig Ziglar was one of the most respected modern day experts on success, motivation, and leading a balanced life.

In his well known book Born to Win- he mentions that success cannot be defined in one single sentence, But instead success is comprised of many things.

One could very well say, that the definition depends on the individual person and one size does not fit all.

Love of Books Australia-wide Definitions of success. Tried and tested by many. ..

Find your own success definition and create meaning in your life:

Success is always doing your very best. Love of Books Australia-wide

Success can easily be achieved when you try your best with everything you do.

Success is setting some good concrete goals.

Be realistic when setting goals. Success does not come from setting abstract or unreachable goals.

Home is definitely where your heart thrives. You may feel successful when you can call a place your home.

 Success is understanding the difference between the needs and wants.

If you can meet your monthly obligations and fulfill your basic needs, you may feel successful.

Success is believing in the fact that you can.

If you believe you can, you will succeed. Like the story about ‘The Little Red Engine.’ I think I can, I think I can, I know I can.

Success is remembering to balance your work with some passion.

Work without passion can certainly create undue stress and empty achievements. Focus much on what excites you.

Success is taking care of your your needs.

Success to many is having a place to call home.

Remember to put on your own needs first and foremost before assisting others.

Success is learning that there are times that you sometimes have to say no.

Success only surfaces with living a balanced life. Part of balance is with learning to say no.

Success is knowing your life is filled with abundance. Work and strive to get here.

Love, health, friends, family… life should be filled with abundance.

You will succeed, be positive. Love of Books helps authors succeed each and every day. 

Success is often associated with the overcoming of fear.

Conquering any fear may make you feel invincible. No one can then stop you now.

Your love, guidance, and discipline will, for certain pay off. 

Successful people understand learning never stops.

Success is learning that you may have to lose a few battles to win a war.

Successful people choose their battles wisely.

Success is loving and being loved back.

Unconditional LOVE is the best by far!

Success is standing your ground when you believe in something.

Successful people never give up on things they believe in with all their heart.

Success is achieved through not giving up.

Success is learning something new each day, week or month.

Perseverance creates grit, grit achieves success.

Success is celebrating small victories.

Anytime a goal is reached or an obstacle is overcome, take the time to celebrate.

Success is never letting a single disability hold you back.

Disabilities do not define a person’s success. The body and mind does compensate.

Success is understanding you and only you control your destiny.

Your destiny is controlled by you and only you alone.

Success can be defined in many ways.

I think we accomplish success when at the end of a day we can say… this was a good day.

I look forward to doing it again tomorrow.

How do you define your own success?

So, you want to be a successful published author.  What’s stopping you?   loveofbooks free-publishing-quote


Self Publishing Tips by Love of Books Australia-wide

 Love of Books Market Research

Expertise has made it straightforward for authors questioning learn how to self-publish an eBook. Self-publishing provides a cheap solution to share your eBook with readers and make a bit of cash from your writing. Whether or not you might be hoping to self-publish a printed book or digital model, listed below are eight tips on self publishing today provided by Love of Books.

Get Your Manuscript or Guide Edited

Skilled enhancing is a must. No eBook is ideal. However editorial help can assist you fine tune your hard work. There are a variety of totally different sorts of edits. So, be certain that you realize which one you want before employing an editor. Developmental editors test your eBook for circulation and consistency. They counsel revisions with wording in regards to if the language doesn’t appear proper. Copy editors pay careful attention to spelling errors and regulate grammar. Editors are obligatory within the self-publishing course of the process.

Think about Your Guide Cowl Design Rigorously

Your eBook cowl design is a vital device for advertising your eBook to readers. With nice print high quality and an excellent cowl design no-one will have the ability to notice your self-published eBook from one revealed by a significant conventional writer. It’s a good idea to coach yourself on what makes an excellent eBook cowl design. However for those who aren’t a designer by commerce, it’s additionally a good investment to engage a design expert.

Discover a Good Distributor

Distributors range extensively in value and companies. Print-on-demand companies such as IngramSpark are one of a number of the most cost-effective strategies for distribution with self-publishing an eBook. As an alternative to paying to have lots of of copies printed without delay. Your book is simply just printed when it’s ordered. As well as, IngramSpark’s distribution to on-line retailers and bodily retailers is unmatched.

Be Life like

The self-publishing revolution has made it so that anybody with a narrative can publish an eBook, which resulted in a flood of content material of books revealed by conventional publishers every year. Which is to say, you almost certainly can promote thousands of copies or be a New York Instances bestseller. However, there are many practical writer targets you possibly can obtain. So, be considerate about what targets you set for your self published paperback book and your eBook. After which, put steps in place to attain them. Success doesn’t occur in a single day. It takes dedication and enterprise savvy.

Buy an ISBN

An ISBN gives essential information about your eBook to booksellers and labels you because you are the writer. You need an ISBN number if you wish to promote your printed book or eBook. Additionally, be weary of self-publishing platforms that supply “free” ISBNs. Buying your individual ISBN ensures that you will have full management over your work. Love of Books can provide you with an ISBN in your name.

Look Out for Overly Costly Providers

There are a variety of self-publishing scams on the market that may “publish” your eBook and can offer no marketing services with it. Or in many instances offer marketing packages that are simply smoke and mirrors. A lot of fancy sentences that look like you will get heaps. Love of Books only offers ‘hold in your hand type marketing packages’, Marketing Packages that you can see true value from. There are additionally a variety of publishers that supply “turn-key” packages. Be certain you do your analysis and make the most of suggestions from trusted business publications, self-publishing associations, and your fellow authors.

Market Your Guide

When you aren’t a significant public figure it’s unrealistic to suppose you possibly can publish your eBook and the world will simply bump into it. Ensuring your eBook metadata is nearly as good as it may be is a technique for folks to find your eBook organically on-line. However, you should continue to advertise your eBook to ensure that it will succeed. You are able to do this by way of guerrilla advertising efforts, eBook critiques, eBook publicity, social media promoting and other areas. You should plan your eBook promotion. You should commit to working as much as possible within your eBook advertising technique in the early stages in order to publish your eBook for a perfect outcome.

Make Mates

Sure, writing tends to be a solitary exercise. However rubbing elbows with different authors and professionals within the writing group can have some large perks. They might be prepared to present you endorsements on your eBook or assist to get the phrase out. You’ll additionally need to make pals with the booksellers at your native unbiased bookstore and the librarians in your native library. These people are very influential on the subject of recommending your eBook to readers and assisting you to develop your viewers. Guided people are the perfect folks, and it by no means hurts to know as many potential people.

How to write a Narrative by Love of Books

Love of Books provides useful information on writing techniques

Love of Books says style, along with character, plot, setting and theme, is an important element of fiction writing. At its most basic level, style can simple be defined as the writer’s ‘voice’. Style is apparent in an author’s word choice and the way they structure their sentences.

There are four main modes of rhetorical writing. These are:•

Description (sensory details – sight, smell, touch, sound, taste – depicting scenery, location, temperature, and so on, are used to convey the concept to a reader)

• Exposition (inform, explain or describe)

• Narration (tell a story), and

• Persuasion (presentation of an argument in the hope of convincing the reader to adopt the same point of view). This Mini Guide deals with narrative. It may surprise you to know that there is no agreement as to what modes constitute ‘good writing’ or ‘good narrative’. However, this is nothing to worry about. In fact, this is great news for creative writers. This means you can contribute even more of your own individualistic and artistic flair. As a writer you need to consider the following:

• Use of punctuation (don’t use too much; don’t use too little. Punctuation should guide a reader through the text)

• Grammar (notice the different between written and spoken language, and consider how you are going to portray this in your text)

• Sentence structure (consider whether your sentences are long and unwieldy, hastily or clumsily put together, or compact and concise. You should make every word matter. An author’s style is often apparent – and sometimes unique – in their syntactical choices)

• Subtlety (remember not to give everything away at once)

• Cohesion (consider whether your sentences relate to each other and follow on from each other systematically and sensibly)

• Consistency (don’t forget to check that your character names, families, dates, histories, locations, themes and events are consistent throughout the story – don’t change your ‘Janes’ to ‘Junes’)

• Tone and voice (consider what attitude your narrator has to the subject matter).In fiction,the narrator – or narrative voice – is the person who tells the story. A story can be told in many ways.

The narrator can be:

• Omnipresent – always there

• Omnipotent – all powerful (the keeper of all knowledge)

• Omniscient – God-like and all knowing, or

• Unobtrusive. The narrator can tell the story in the first-person,the third-person, and may even change throughout the story. Sometimes stories have multiple narrative voices. And just to make things more interesting for the reader, narrators may not always be reliable. They can be intentionally misleading and factually incorrect, and can even disappear and reappear almost at their own will! Narrators may also tell the story as a stream-of-consciousness. Where all the thoughts tumble out in an often nonsensical and sometimes incoherent fashion. Events are recounted as they spring to mind, rather than chronologically. First person narrative – the narrator refers to themselves explicitly and uses terms such as ‘I’ (first person singular) or ‘we’ (first person plural). Third person narrative – the narrative voice uses the ‘he-she’ form to recount the story. Second person narrative – This style is used less frequently in works of fiction, but is common in self-help books. ‘Choose your own adventure’ stories, manuals and instruction guides, as in ‘you should keep a record of all your receipts’.

Other useful terms Diction – Is a writer’s distinctive word choices, phrases and expressions. Symbolism – when another object or person represents something else. Tone – the mood created by the attitude of the narrative voice. Tone may be: formal, informal, serious, jovial, humorous, hostile, aggressive, solemn, cheerful, playful, ironic, superior, patronizing or engaging.

Love of books defines the list as endless.

LOVE OF BOOKS Australia-wide  ONLINE – New Authors specials

At Love of Books we now can assist new authors using ‘Angel Key™ Publications Services’ to promote and market their work FOR LITTLE OR NO COST.

Visit or call us today on 1300 556 529 for your free consultation.


For authors taking up publishing packages with Angel Key™ Publications Pty Ltd.  An Australian Book Publishing Company before the 24th December 2018 we will produce FREE BLOGS ON-LINE to assist authors with their marketing effo


FREE ONLINE BOOK SALES EXPOSURE: We are actively researching and creating dynamic opportunity for authors Australia-wide, as a thank-you to our clients.

How is FREE ONLINE BOOK SALES EXPOSURE possible you might say?

We are creating a range of high impact featured promotions on-line to assist new self published authors Australia-wide to promote their new book.  Angel Key™ Publications Pty Ltd.  An Australian Book Publishing Company is a family owned and run business. As such, we do not have the high end overheads that the large publishing companies carry. We really enjoy taking the time for you!

How will these promotions benefit my self published book?

  1. FREE ONLINE BOOK SALES EXPOSURE through search engines on-line.
  2. Our domains are constantly monitored by search engines due to our on-line experience.
  3. Love of Books websites and blogs rate very high in search engines such as GOOGLE.
  4. You will have total control over your own sales visibility.

Why are we doing this?  SIMPLE – We heard you and value your custom!

So many authors who have placed their book in on-line book stores, such as the publishing house they signed up with, are finding little to no advantage in doing this.

  1.  For many authors the royalty value from the sales of their hard work is collected by the provider of the publishing site. (In most cases this means the book price is set too high, forcing lower sales due to the high cost).
  2. The owner of the on-line store takes charge of viewing and supplying your royalties. (In many cases the owner of these sites are not checking and attending to the royalty payments correctly.
  3. They may charge more for your book. (This does not go down well in today’s economic climate)
  4. You have spent countless hours working on your manuscript. Once you have finally completed your work, then comes the cost of professional services. Such as editing, proofreading, content setup, cover design and ISBN costs. Your budget will now look a bit tight, but you now need to promote your new book. What better way to kick start the promotion of your new book than to start with little or no cost promotion opportunities.

What details can be placed on these promotions?

The promotional pages will display a 3D image of YOUR NEW BOOK. (We create this 3D image free of charge. You may request a free copy)

A brief summary of your book can be displayed along with the 3D image.

A link to your own point of sale will be placed on this promotional blog page, alongside your book image and description.

Rules: The only thing we ask of you is:

  1. You must place our web link along with a few lines of text on your page where you are advertising your book for sale.
  2. Use appropriate language and words, as per our advice to help increase your sales opportunities. 
  3. Your manuscript must be professionally edited by your own editor/proofreader or one of our highly trained editors/proofreaders.
  4. Your manuscript must not contain obscene language.

We will give you the 3d image of your book along with the on-line exposure option free of charge AS one way of saying thank-you.

Why is working with feedback and research so important to us?

  1. It ensures book publishing/printing processes are constantly updated.
  2. It benefits you as a new author in regards to book promotion.
  3. It keeps costs for publishing and printing services down.
  4. Maintains a high quality standard of products and services.

Other publishers are selling … or in many cases supposedly selling tan authors self-published book in their on-line or walk in shop book store. They then send authors the small royalty from the sales… if any. In turn, turning over profit margins themselves from the sales of the self-published authors books.

The feedback we receive from authors all over the world is how we work.

We like to think outside the box. Yes, we like to be different!


Breaking Down – Marketing vs. Promotion

This is the easy way to define the difference between marketing and promotion 

Promotion answers the question what? 

Marketing answers the question why?

When you are promoting something, you are merely telling people that it exists.  You are telling them what.

When you are marketing something, you are showing people its value.  You are telling them why.

A website is one good way of marketing your new book / business.  You can collect money from the sales of the items sold and then post items to the buyer.  However it will be just a simple picture in the sky as to speak if you do not  promote it.  You promote the site by generating traffic to it.  You can complete a lot of the processes yourself or you can pay someone to do this.  A SEO expert will charge for their services.  You may consider a mix of paid and DIY.

Generating traffic to your links by way of a website or blog is one of the hardest things to do when it comes to creating a website or anything you want to promote.  There are many ways internet on-line and off-line where you can grab the bull by the horns so to speak.  Most of the methods are free but do require a bit of effort on your part.  I promise it will pay off if you stick with it.

Visit today for a FREE consultation, FREE advice and REAL Customer Service.

The importance of checking your work BY Love of Books Australia-wide

We at Love of Books are once again insisting on the importance of checking your work before sending it to us. Checking your work will save time and costs.

Along our journey assisting authors to self-publish their new book, we have noticed a large increase in manuscripts submitted that have not been correctly checked.

Our  Love of Books team is not set-up to edit a manuscript once it has been sent to be formatted.  You need to engage an experienced editor. Or ask us to provide this service for you. Visit us at Love of Books

Check your work thoroughly!

We do not advise self-editing one’s own manuscript.
It is your job to thoroughly check your manuscript, especially your blurb on your back cover of your book BEFORE sending for insertion on your back cover.


Self-editing notes:

The human brain takes no nonsense. As long as you feed it with logical information, it is happy. As soon as you start feeding it with nonsense, it tries to decipher the nonsense and turn it into logic.

Read the following sentence:
I dnot konw why but I ahve no porlbem uderntsaning tihis snetcne.

Most people will realize in the wink of an eye what this sentence is saying: I don’t know why but I have no problem understanding this sentence.

That is what makes the task of self-editing your work so difficult. As you scan over something that you have written, you tend to miss mistakes that you may have made. You simply read what is not there because the brain expects it to be there.

How do you deliver work that is as free from mistakes as you can possibly get it?

There are some techniques that you may use:
* The first is to read it out loud. In that way you do not rely on the eye alone to send information to the brain. The ear also kicks in. This is very helpful in identifying awkward sentence construction.

* Some people use a technique called read in reverse. You start at the end of the sentence and read word for word backwards. This is a way of taking the brain’s tendency to correct out of the equation. The technique is especially useful for finding spelling mistakes.

* A common mistake writers make is to finish writing and then immediately go through the work to make sure everything is right. The information is just too fresh in your mind. Where possible, wait a few days or a week before you edit your own work.

* A very helpful tip many established writers will give you is to cut and not to add. As their writing flows along, most writers tend to drone on a bit. When editing your work, be on the lookout for unnecessary sentences and words. Do not hesitate to take them out.

* We live in the 21st century and we should use the tools available to us. Using effective voice recognition software is a way of catching mistakes while you are ‘writing’, especially for those of us who are not 10 finger typists. As you talk, the words appear on the screen, which makes it easier to spot mistakes. The really good programs on the market have an amazing degree of accuracy.

When editing, be ruthless. Criticize yourself. If you have made a mistake, admit it and correct it.  give us a call on 1300 556 529!

BISAC Categories by Love of Books Australia-wide

What is a BISAC?

Posted by Love of Books. BISAC is an abbreviation for “Book Industry Standards and communications.” Essentially, BISAC Codes and Subject Headings are a long list of various topics created by the Book Industry Study Group (BISG).

BISAC Codes are a publishing industry approved list of nine-character alphanumeric codes that represent broad descriptors of genre or subject matter. There are thousands of BISAC codes, and they allow libraries, retailers, and online stores to accurately catalogue and “place” your book among their millions of other offerings. Your book can only be accurately categorized if it has the right BISAC Codes.

Tips for Selecting the Right BISAC Subject Codes

Our Love of Books Australia-wide team says: The right BISAC Codes are ones that describe your content in an accurate and concise manner. It’s never a good idea to go for code that are applicable to only a few chapters or touch on one peripheral topic or theme of work.

However, if your book has more than one subject matter, you may select more than one subject code. BISG best practices is that you select no more than three BISAC Codes. Choosing three BISAC Codes is considered the best practice to help ensure the broadest reach for your book. It’s not a good idea to give your book only one opportunity to be found when you can give it three. As a rule of thumb, look for codes that reflect the breadth and depth of your book’s content.

Consider how your customers view themselves when looking for a book on your topic. If they think of themselves as parents who have a challenge with a child, for example, then maybe parenting is the right category.

The first subject code should be the best, most accurate, and most specific code possible. When your code is more specific, there are more chances to attract more targeted readers who are more likely to purchase.

Love of Books Australia-wide team says: If it’s possible, consider selecting codes from multiple top-level BISAC categories to broaden discovery. To do this, there are certain rules you should follow:

  • Do not use “General” Codes.
  • Classify your book depending on its content and the key aspects that will resonate with potential buyers.
  • There is no point of including a “General” code if already you’ve chosen a more specific code for a given category or subcategory.

BISAC codes are supposed to exhibit consistency across different formats of the same work.

Provided by Love of Books


The following examples are provided by Provided by Love of Books

“35 Girls. 1 Crown. The competition of a lifetime.”
– The Selection

Regardless of whether this is your kind of book or not, I think this tagline is brilliant. It tells you exactly what kind of book and storyline to expect, and also gives you an idea of what’s at stake.

“Laia is a slave. Elias is a soldier. Neither is free.”
– An Ember in the Ashes

This immediately tells you to expect romance while at the same time communicating the key conflict and characters. The book wasn’t entirely my cup of tea, but this tagline did a great job of selling it to me.

“Even in the future, the story begins with Once Upon a Time…”
– Cinder

A nice reflection of the story (fairy-tale-inspired and set in a a futuristic world). “Once Upon a Time” adds an enchanting feel to it, and you have to credit it for not using this cliché phrase in a sappy way. It also complements the cover and title well.

“Her beauty is a weapon – and Fire is going to use it.”
– Fire

I love this one because it immediately offers something intriguing. How is her beauty a weapon and how is she going to use it? It also reflects the core focus/magical element of the story and refers to the main character and the title.

“Winning will make you famous. Losing means certain death.”
– The Hunger Games

This tagline doesn’t have quite the same smooth flow or nice rhythm as others, but it still does its job. You immediately get a sense that big things are at stake, and that the focus is on a game or competition of some kind.

“Dive into a world torn apart by a powerful race with phenomenal powers of the mind – and none of the heart…”
– Slave to Sensation

Again, this might lack some of the grace and flow of others I mentioned, but it clearly communicates the setting, the genre and the conflict at the heart of the story, and has enough intriguing elements to make me read further.

“Sometimes being a god is no fun at all…”
– Pyramids

This is short and sweet, conveying both the humorous tone of the novel (essential for a Terry Pratchett book!) and the central focus of the story. It also has an element of intrigue, as you ask what will make being a god not fun at all.

“A world at stake. The quest for the ultimate prize. Are you ready?”
– Ready Player One

I really like this one, but I think it only works because of the book’s title. The direct “Are you ready?” question might seem conceited in another context, but when coupled with the title, both evoke that sense of anticipation and excitement before starting a video game.

“Winter is coming”
– A Song of Ice and Fire

I confess, I don’t know if this is actually printed as a tagline on any of the books… but it’s used so regularly in conjunction with them and with the TV series, that I had to mention it. The now iconic motto of House Stark instils an immediate sense of foreboding and drama, while that the same time referencing a core conflict in the series.

“Does the walker choose the path, or the path the walker?”
– Clariel

This works well for the latest book in the Old Kingdom series, as it reminds loyal readers of the line from The Book of the Dead often referenced in previous books. It’s also a dramatic question about controlling fate, so works even for those who haven’t read the series.

Provided by Love of Books

Self Publish Book Kingaroy by Love of Books

Book Publisher for Kingaroy

I love my job - Ian Lewis - Love of Books Australia wide

I love my job – Ian Lewis – Love of Books Australia wide

We care about your manuscript

Love of Books recommends  Angel Key™ Publications P/L mobile publishing services visiting Kingaroy town in Queensland. Ask us today about our mobile services in the Kingaroy region.

First step: Visit our book publishing and printing process here: Our Process

All prepared files SENT to us for book printing services only are checked professionally, saved as Press Ready PDF files, then sent to you for inspection free of charge before placing to printing as part of our service.

We will send you a written summary including suggestions for improvement if your files are not print ready.

Angel Key™ Publications P/L will also provide a quote for the adjustments needed if you cannot complete the adjustments yourself.

Angel Key™ Publications P/L Complete Publishing and Printing Services are designed especially for new authors.  Your new book is copyright to you.  You don’t need to sign any contracts, only a simple quote acceptance sheet.  You don’t need to know much at all, as you are supported 100% throughout the entire process from start to finish.

Read more: Our Services   Children’s Books   Book Formatting   Book Editing   Book Cover Design

Love of Books – Book Publisher Kingaroy        

Kingaroy Writers Association News

You are entitled to 2, yes 2 FREE book proofs of your completed manuscript for added peace of mind. So, if the first paper proof copy shows up that you have unfortunately overlooked a typing or formatting error, simply amend your file and return to us.

A book proof is normally sent to you within approx. 4-10 working days after you approve the final files. Once you approve your book proof your printed books can be available for delivery within weeks. For deadlines see notes as below.

If we are completing any of the design services: We will work with your personal requests incorporating our design experience. Please allow for adjustments to your quoted price which will show on your final invoice if your page count changes to less or more pages required during the formatting process.

To place your order, please fax me a signed copy of the quote and organize to pay your minimum deposit.

I will contact you, as soon as I receive it. I will also send your updated invoice along with your welcome package.

Then go to (Our secure server) to submit large files too large for your mailbox to handle. At the bottom of this page, there is a file send box for you to send your files to us. Submit PDF’s, Microsoft Publisher, Power Point or Microsoft Word files. (Program not here! Ask us!)

This is your Step 1 Completed.

DEADLINES: If you have a deadline for your books to be available to you discuss this with your consultant.

Under normal circumstances all preparation processes can be completed within weeks. Hardcover, sewn binding and large quantity orders do take a longer time to print.

What makes Love of Books so Different?

What makes Angel Key™ Publications P/L so different?

Don’t just print your book! Publish it!

We take the time for you!

Care is our main point of difference. That’s who we are as individuals. Love of Books Self Publishing was carefully built based on feedback received from hundreds of authors all over the world. Authors who have used self publishing, book publishing and book printing services from many different sources.
Read more: Self Publishing Versus Traditional Publishing

In a nutshell: Honest, straight forward, affordable, true value book publishing services are what authors now have access to!

We work in partnership with printers, graphic designers, illustrators, and government agencies such as ISBN & CiP registrations. We also work with editors, proofreaders and typesetting agents assigned to complete your work. We have vast experience with book publishing and enjoy helping our new authors from all walks of life to achieve their self-publishing goals.

Locations and Summary

Office Locations

Although Love of Books Self Publishing Success has its primary office location is in Coomera, Australia. Our complete Book Publishing Services are represented in all states within Australia and New Zealand-wide! We are primarily a mobile service.

New South Wales (NSW), Victoria (VIC), Australian Capital Territory (ACT), Queensland (QLD), South Australia (SA), Tasmania (TAS), Western Australia (WA), Northern Territory (NT).

Major areas covered include:
Adelaide, Albany, Alice Springs, Armidale, Balladonia, Brisbane, Carnarvon, Broome, Bundaberg, Byron Bay, Cairns, Canberra, Carnarvon, Coffs Harbour, Cooktown, Darwin, Derby, Geraldton, Georgetown, Gladstone, Gold Coast, Broken Hill, Hobart, Kalgoorlie, Karumba, Katherine, Kingaroy, Larrimah, Launceston, Lismore, Mackay, Melbourne, Minilya, Moree, Newcastle, Noosa, Northam, Perth, Port Hedland, Portland, Port Lincoln, Port Macquarie, Rockhampton, Sunshine Coast, Southern Cross, Sydney, Townsville, Wollongong, Tweed Heads – Bendigo, Ballarat, Geelong, Horsham, Moe, Bairnsdale, Orbost, Traralgon, Healsville, Swan Hill, Warrnambool, Portland, Mount Gambier, Echuca, Morwell, Shepparton, Wodonga, Mildura, Wagga Wagga, Bega, Narooma, Moruya, Nowra, Junee, Cootamundra, Batlow, Dubbo, Byron Bay, Tamworth, Moree, Glen Innes, Grafton, Toowoomba, Logan, Hervey Bay, Mount Isa, Julia Creek, Longreach, Cape York, Hamilton Island, Alice Springs, Renmark, Port Augusta, Woomera, Coober Pedy, Ceduna, Murray Bridge, Kangaroo Island, Devonport, Flinders Island, Stradbroke, Maroochydore, Gympie, Broken Hill, Simpson Desert, Tennant Creek, Groote Eylandt, Mt Isa, Ayers Rock, Kakadu, Rabbit Flat, Gove Peninsula, Mount Barker, Bunbury, Rockingham, Margaret River, Mandura, Pilbara, Frankston, Parramatta, Kings Cross, Karratha, Port Hedland, Surfers Paradise, Magnetic Island, Derby, Newman, Meekathrra, Leonora, Esperance, Wilcannia, Bourke, Walgett, Tamworth, Central Coast, Gosford, Roma, Caboolture, Ipswich, Casino, Charleville, Charters Towers, Mission Beach, Cardwell, Atherton, Victor Harbor North South East West.

Services Summary

All Book Publishing Services including Book Marketing and Distribution Services, Book Self Publishing, Children’s Books, Book Editing and Proofreading Services, Family History Books, Yearbook Printing, Hardcover Book Printing, Coffee Table Book Printing, Book Formatting and Layouts, Cover Designs and Personal Consultations.

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For information on how to self publish a book, how to write a book or writing a book we believe we have the best and most straight forward services available in Australia. If you need book editing proofreading, kindle self publishing, quality printing services we have that covered. Not to forget those all important book publishing questions. We have the best book cover design professionals on our team to manage your book cover design. We have been not only printing children’s books for many years, we can provide illustration services to help make your children’s book come alive with glorious colour and imagination. We can now offer great value print-on-demand packages. For complete self publishing services let us inspire you. Call today on: !

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Self Publishing in Australia

To Self Publish Books in Kingaroy contact us today!

When you choose to self publish Love of Books self publishing success our experienced team will be delighted to help you in all facets of self publishing your book. No matter where you are in Australia, no matter where you are in Queensland, especially if you reside in Brisbane, we can provide all the assistance you need to self publish your new book.

Artwork, cover design formatting and illustrations. Our trained team of experts can layout and design your self published book. We can create artwork for your novel or publication from your very own word processing document in many cases.

The cover design of any book needs to be designed to reflect the genre and content. Brisbane based designers are waiting to assist you in producing an eye-catching cover design using your document or images or specially created artwork. Your self published book will be a truly magical reflection of you.

What is Book Self Publishing About?

Book self publishing involves a series of processes to complete. There are numerous ways of binding your self published book, different stocks of paper for both the text and the cover for one example. Self publish your new book the easy way, the Love of Books way. Our consulting offices are situated in Beenleigh and Marsden, Brisbane Queensland, Our printing partners are situated in Brisbane, Yatala, China, Taiwan, New Zealand, New South Wales and Victoria. All printers are carefully selected, some family and friends and all have high tech equipment to economically produce your new books.

Self publish your book today and ask our staff to advise you on the best and most economical method for producing a professional article you will be proud to publish and market. Stretch your dollar further, ask for the monthly special!

Whether you self publish a book that is a fiction or a non-fiction novel, autobiography, children’s story, family history or a poetry anthology we would love to help you self publish the easy way. We can also help you self publish educational, yearbooks and academic books. If you wish to self publish any type of book we are happy to produce your self publication.

If you want to self publish books in small quantities for friends or family or a large number of runs for distribution, we are happy to provide all the self publishing help and information you need to print, produce and self publish your new book in a fraction of the time of many other book publishers.

Whether you live in Brisbane or any other state within Australia, contact us for a quote and helpful advice on self publishing. Book self publishing can be a magical and rewarding experience. Our publishing team is there to help you make the right decisions with self publishing your new book. We try to make the self publishing process economical, rewarding AND most of fall as easy as can be for you.

Popular Services

Amazon US/UK Network

Having your book available on Amazon is essential for all authors who are serious about publishing.

There are various on-line opportunities for authors to explore regarding this option however where the concept becomes difficult is the actual implementation of the process.

Your cover and contents files will need to be adjusted. To authors that don’t have the skills to navigate through the on-line uploading process or make the file adjustments, it can seem just too much of a headache to attempt. Love of Books has tried and tested the process and can offer you this service.

Website Packages

No website to display your newly published book?

We take all the hard work out of website building and give you the knowledge to ensure your book is accessible to a wider audience.

We offer website services with a difference. You receive much more than just a website!

Book Marketing Packages

Our Marketing Packages are packed full of value. Let us help you on the path to self publishing success with a personally designed ‘Marketing and Promotion Package’ to suit your requirements and budget!


Ian Lewis Owner/Director of Love of Books Australia-wide. 

Love of Books and Ian Lewis

Ian Lewis Owner/Director of Love of Books Australia-wide.

Entrepreneur – Successful Business mans claim to fame after securing the domain name

Ian Lewis runs a successful printing/publishing business with mobile services availability to regions noted on his website.

Ian Lewis gained ownership of the domain name, along with the well developed trade secrets that successfully published over 1600 authors Australia-wide from a retired Love of Books owner Entrepreneur in November 2016.

Ian Lewis runs a legitimate and highly ethical publishing business by the name of Love of Books Australia-wide.

Love of Books truly supports first time authors with the care factor. Ian Lewis guarantees the quality of the services his business Love of Books contracts.

Ian Lewis claims: Small businesses have the edge on larger publishing companies. Why?  They can offer value for money services and products due to lower outlays. But more importantly do take the time with clients over and above.

We offer a unique step by step book publishing process specially developed for first-time authors.

Consultants on the Love of Books Australia-wide team are highly trained and motivated, but more importantly, are committed to you.

Love of Books was carefully built from the feedback received from hundreds of authors embarking on self-publishing all over the world.

Through the feedback we received over those years working in the publishing industry we slowly produced a publishing model like no other. A UNIQUE SELF PUBLISHING AND BOOK PRINTING EXPERIENCE AUTHORS ASKED FOR AND NOW HAVE ACCESS TO.

Through the love in our hearts along with our determination we not only succeeded with our vision.  We have enjoyed many journeys with so many grateful now published authors.

We have vast experience in the book publishing field. We do love our work.

We offer a large support system and are committed to providing first-class book publishing services.

We enjoy helping new authors from all walks of life to achieve their self-publishing goals.

In a nutshell: Honest, straight forward, affordable, true value a comprehensive publishing and book printing services are what authors now have access to!

Ian Lewis - Owner/Director of Love of Books Australia-wide

Ian Lewis – Owner/Director of Love of Books Australia-wide

Ian Lewis – Entrepreneur

Ian Lewis states: Our aim is to support authors on their publishing/printing journey with sound advice along with affordable products and services with the ultimate care and guidance. Together, staff have over 26 years experience within the publishing sector and 30 years in the printing sector.

We all have a unique story to tell. We all love a trip down memory lane at some stage. What better way to do this than in the written form. We publish family history books, school year books and memoirs.

Love of Books – Development Update



Due to the high volume of new inquiries taken by Love of Books, we have decided to close our doors from 29th May to the 9th June for some much needed and well overdue restructuring.

What this means for you

  • The costs will always be affordable and very competitive in the market.
  • We will still provide Personal Services with the Care Factor.
  • New and More Efficient Process Management.
  • New on Staff Professional Proofreaders / Editors.
  • New Point of Print Provider – For the Best Quality Hard Cover Case Binding Options.
  • Our In Home / Location Preferred Mobile Service to include several more areas within Queensland.
  • More Improved Marketing and Promotion Opportunities. ( Some are provided free of charge to authors taking up our high level services publishing packages).

Accepting Submissions

Love of Books Australia-wide™ is one of the few publishing houses which still operates a fully open submissions policy. We welcome unsolicited work from any and all writers.

We provide FREE advice to authors on the best options available for their valuable time spent manuscript.

Our Love of BooksManuscript Appraisal Service is recommended to assist authors improve the quality of their work and increase their confidence in the market place.

Publishing Industry News

Main Stream Book Publishers, once seen as the ‘gate-keepers’ of the book world who maintained the standard of what the public read, now and now most Main Stream Book Publishers simply refuse to accept them at all.

At the same time any sense of literary ‘standards’ has been comprehensively blown away by the rise of self-publishing. Where anyone with a computer, a word-processing program and an internet connection can be a printed author in a matter of weeks.

Naturally, this free-for-all has led to a decline in overall quality, in terms both of the appearance of the books and of the text they contain. Without a concerted marketing strategy, which most self-published authors have neither the expertise nor the resources to generate, these books are more than likely to be lost in the crowd.

Love of Books Australia-wide™ has chosen a middle way between these two methods. By giving every writer the chance to have their work evaluated first by way of a professional manuscript appraisal. We operate a two-stage selection process.

This puts the emphasis back on talent, and allows unknown – or forgotten – writers the opportunity to have their books edited and designed at a high standard.

Our marketing department will then assist promote high their books at free or little charge.

Love of Books is proud to have offered many first time authors the best possible start on their new career in the writing business. Our open submissions policy means that we can publish a broad range of books from a diverse set of authors.

I. Lewis – Director

Let’s Get Started

Love of Books – Business Development Update – Assisting authors all over Australia to self publish their new book with ease.

Love of Books – Business Development Update – An improved publishing step by step process.

Love of Books – Business Development Update – Leading the way in the self publishing world.



Love of Books Australia-wide is launching a brand new service.

We now assist authors using ‘Love of Books Australia-wide services’ to market their work.

What we are doing

WE ARE OFFERING FREE ONLINE BOOK SALES EXPOSURE : We are creating a dynamic opportunity for authors Australia-wide, as a thank-you to our self published authors.


We are creating a range of high impact featured promotions on-line to assist you to promote your new book.


How will these promotions benefit my self published book?

  1. It will give you FREE ONLINE BOOK SALES EXPOSURE through search engines on-line.
  2. Our web services are constantly monitored.
  3. Love of Books websites rate very high in search engines such as GOOGLE
  4. You will have total control over your own sales visibility.
  5. Total visibility of your own royalty payments.

Why are we doing this

SIMPLE – We heard you and value your custom!

  1. So many authors who have placed their book in on-line book stores, such as the publishing house they signed up with, are finding little to no advantage in doing this.
  2.  Some the royalty value from the sales of their hard work is collected by the provider of the site. (In most cases this means the book price is set too high, forcing lower sales due to the high cost).
  3. The owner of the on-line store takes charge of viewing and supplying your royalties. (In many cases the owner of these sites are not checking and attending to the royalty payments correctly.
  4. They may charge more for your book. ( this does not go down well in today’s economic climate)
  5. In many cases it can cause a sales negative effect.

What details can be placed on these promotions ?

The promotional pages will display a 3D image of YOUR NEW BOOK.

( We create this 3D image free of charge. You may request a free copy)

A brief summary of your book can be displayed with the 3D image.

A link to your own point of sale will be placed on our promotional page alongside the book image and description.

 Rules: The only thing we ask of you is:

You must place our link on your page where you are advertising your book for sale.

Use appropriate language and words, as per our advice to help increase your sales opportunities. That’s it! 

Your manuscript must be professionally edited by your own editor/proofreader or one of our highly trained editors/proofreaders.

Your manuscript must not contain obscene language.

(We will give you the 3d image of your book along with the on-line exposure option free of charge).

It is our way of saying thank-you. 

Why is working with feedback and research so important to us

  1. It ensures book publishing/printing processes are constantly updated.
  2. It benefits you as a new author in regards to book promotion.
  3. It keeps costs for publishing and printing services down.
  4. Maintains a high quality standard of products and services.

Other publishers are selling … or supposedly selling self published authors books in their on-line or walk in shop book stores.

They then send authors the small royalty from the sales… if any. In turn, turning over profit margins themselves from the sales of the self-published authors books.

The feedback we received from authors all over the world is how we received this information.

We like to think outside the box. Yes, we like to be different!