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You can call or email us anytime from 7am to 8pm daily to discuss further how we can best assist you.

Phone: 07 07 417 00 751 or 1300 556 529 toll free,  leave a message, including your phone number and suitable times you are available for a callback.  Our 1300 556 529 number is available during business hours.

Some of the questions we will need to ask in order to give you a competitive and complete quote: We can assist with these questions if you are not sure. (Click the links if you need extended information about the question)

What size do you want your books to be once completed? (A4, a5, 210mm x 210mm or other)

How many printed pages will there be in your book?

Do you need the manuscript formatted into a book form ready for print?

Do you need a cover design setup?

Book Cover Designs

Approx. how many images are in your book?

Do you require the ISBN package (You will need this if you intend to sell your books)?

How many colour pages are there in your book?
How many black and white pages are there in your book?
How many books do you want for your quote?

Do you want your book listed on Amazon for worldwide distribution (Print-on-demand)?

Would you like to have your book made into an eBook and listed on the many available online selling channels?

Do you want to take advantage of a discounted package cost offer?
Children’s Book Packages?

Please have your answers ready.  If you would like to know more about a certain module, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Looking forward to assisting you personally.