John and Julie McGregor and Love of Books

“Some people have thousands of reasons why they cannot do what they want to, when all they need is one reason why they can.”

Mary Frances Berry

Firstly: Take a close look at some of the hostile continued aggravation of one outside Australia character who calls herself – Victoria Strauss. She claims to be some sort of guru guide to authors on their publishing journey. But there are many ordinary people from all walks of life that disagree with her conduct online.


Fact: Many people do not know the actual truth and full story leading up to the hand over of Love of Books domain name in 2016.

Julie McGregor- Became one of the best most caring and supportive book publishers in Australia.

Julie worked from her home study originally supported by her dear husband who worked nights. Julie worked hard, mostly over 15 hours a day.

Julie McGregor not only published successfully over 1600 authors Australia-wide affordably, but with the ultimate care factor.

Over the initial first 2 years in business Julie McGregor developed her own unique step by step publishing process. This publishing process revolutionized the publishing industry. Assisting new authors with an easy step by step process.  Julie developed this process based on Feedback received over the years, working in a different publishing house, prior to starting her own publishing business.

Julie McGregor spent time over and above what any normal business would send with each and every author.

Julie came from a very caring background where she cared for many people and children, who needed support. From runaway teens to homeless needing a home to rest and recover. A devoted individual who could not say no to anyone in need. Sometimes at a cost.

Now, Julie had engaged a large printing company – supposedly, family run business to print her clients books. The amount of sales were huge. The printing company owner invested large amounts of money into buying new machines to cope with Love of Books orders.  But this was not good enough for him, as he wanted more. He wanted the Love of Books business to run inside his factory and pay Julie and her husband a wage.  For 3 years he tormented Julie and her husband to work for him, instead of running their own business. I can only say that that he wanted to keep his investment in the newly purchased machines safe.

Now, things were running reasonably well for the Love of Books business itself. And I say reasonably well, as the business was was taking new employees. However these employees caused massive losses to the business with the mistakes they made. Cash-flow was borderline due to the errors made.  In business, Julie realized that she needed to oversee, take more control overseeing employees work at all times.

After 6 years in the business, that ran successfully for this period, Julie McGregor Directer/owner of Love of Books engaged a consultant who begged her for a job.  Now, this became a cost for Julie that was to haunt her for years to come.

Admittedly the sales assistant came with much knowledge of the publishing industry and was a very good sales manager. Love of Books moved into a commercial office after around 5 months of the the sales assistants position at Love of Books.

However, many book stores starting closing down at this time. Cash-flow was again borderline due to the massive expense of the commercial building, new employees, new refurbishments and purchases.

After only almost 2 years, the then sales assistant along with the printing company owner cleverly designed a plan to rob her of her clients and client list as well as other materials from her business.

Julie accidentally discovered underhandedness displayed by the sales manager. She then sacked him on the spot. A greedy print company owner worked underhanded with plans to employ the fired contract worker at least one to two months prior to his sacking by Julie. So, her files, clients and client lists as well as other business items were slowly looted into the company. This company then had access to all Julie McGregor’s Director/owner’s business clients, leads and databases, and so worked them.

Our only thoughts are that the sacked sales manager was offered a brand new car by the company and a petrol card or other benefits. The Love of  Books business itself was not gaining a high turnover at this stage as many of the book stores had closed down.

These people, 3 grown men, along with some of Julies x clients that they took with them not only showed no remorse or compassion. All three men along with a handful of her x clients that they manipulated bullied and harassed Julie McGregor. They bullied her on and off-line and through some of her other clients in place. Underhanded and deceitful lies and manipulation of her clients in progress took place, in order for her not to have enough funds to pay for an extensive 300,000 litigation suite Julie had filed with the Beenleigh Courthouse.

At the time of the business take over Julie McGregor’s family was on its death bed. Julies husband John McGregor received news that he was stricken with an un- diagnosed permanent risk illness. He was told that he would not live much longer.

Now, Julies sacked employee had been taken to court by Julie McGregor  for his harassment lies and bullying of her. – Now this was a complete disturbing of her peace.  He not only took her clients, client lists, office items, future leads that Julie paid $$$$ in advertising to gain.  He had her clients running to her office, coming through the phone with all sorts of disturbing manipulation that he committed to.

The judge asked Julie McGregor what she wanted from him. Julie McGregor said she wanted him to leave her alone in every single way, not drive by her home anymore, not mention her in vain and untruth to her former clients. Basically to leave her alone in every single way.  The judge asked him if he could do what she requested. And he agreed. But that not stop him harassing her through other means.

Harassment scenarios: Clients went to her office claiming the sales manager said damning things such as: Don’t work with Julie anymore she is going down and bankrupt. This was only days after the sacking of him.

One man claimed the sacked sales manager told him to get a refund form Julie and now come to his new company. As he refused, the sacked sales manager said: Well, sit on the office step and wait until you gets your books as that is the only way you will get them.

One man claimed he told him that she was a drug addict and could not run a business as the reason why he robbed her.  Another client said he told him she was underhanded and useless. And another said she was a regular casino player.

The sacked sales manager used her x clients he took with him along with future clients to badger and harass her. Now, he is a a good salesman, one of the best. The stories he sold these people left them angered towards Julie. One male by the name of Dean was one of them.

Now, this salesman is a very clever underhanded manipulating man. Even his own family will vouch for that. This salesman picked profiles of individuals who had anger and underlying issues such as Dean for one.

Julie struggled to renew her business standing over the following 2 years, in line with the government authorities, who assisted her while she was bankrupt. But unfortunately after the death of her supporting husband, who had worked in the business, along with the death of her beloved mother happening  shortly before the death of her beloved husband John McGregor, the constant bullying and underhanded corruption became too much for her.

Now Julie admits she has faults. For one- She wears her heart on her sleeve. Julie did not check references for the salesman when she employed him. SHE EMPLOYED HIM ON TRUST VALUE.  He begged her for a job and was so desperate.

Not that he would have given her any references anyway. Julie was contacted by several of his past employees, who saw his name related to her Love of Books business.  The communication about this mans actions and employment history record looked appalling, (absolutely shocking)  to say the very least.

In October 2016 Julie McGregor eventually gave all the business items and website to a life long friend who ran the perfectly sound step by step setup system Julie McGregor herself designed to run from his own ABN number.

To this very day- 4 years on, one of the three men continue to bully and harass Julie McGregor as a paid investment party by the other greedy business and company parties, perhaps.

Dean placed a false claim in to QCAT and won on the basis that Julie did not show up at the QCAT meeting due to her ill health while her family was dying.

She had no intention of ever paying Dean, as he lied to the courts and received not only all his books in good order- She gave him 50 extra books for free -he sold 300 of them prior to his false QCAT CLAIM. (All this was advertised on his Facebook page). If only Julie had the strength to compile the proof for the courts to resubmit her paperwork.

Julie McGregor will never pay Dean his QCAT order, ever. Why? She don’t him a cent. He is a liar who got away with a QCAT ORDER -yes. But as he is not owed any funds at all and he not only received all his items from Julie but an extra 50 books.

Why did he do all this?

The clever fired salesman talked Dean into doing a reprint of his books at his new place of employment for the sake of a sale. And to sweeten this, the salesman talked him into reprinting from a changed manuscript file.

Dean sends threatening blackmailing emails to Julie often. Threatening to harm her in every single way. He constantly stalks her on and off line. Even though she has been out of business for at least 17 months to date Dean is still at it.

Julie was emotionally stricken and could not gather vital paperwork and court evidence efficiently to help her case. SHE WOULD HAVE WON ON A RE HEARING IF SHE DID. AS THIS BULLY ACTUALLY ADVERTISED HE SOLD NEARLY 300 BOOKS ON HIS FACEBOOK PAGE PRIOR TO HIM TAKING HER TO QCAT. WHAT A LOOSER. A lesson here is to beware of QCAT. You need to be totally on the ball with this department. It is not a department setup for the ordinary people. Check out the reviews online about QCAT. 10 of 12 people see it as an unfair justice system.

Now, Dean came from a background himself as a troubled boy, always in trouble with the authorities. Dean had 5 stepfathers during his childhood that were all mafia, drug, alcohol, fraudsters, woman beaters. You name it. Guess, his mother knew how to pick em.

Dean appears to suffer the mental capability to live in peace based on the 4 years on with his charade of bullying.  Despite all Dean has put Julie through, Julie feels sorry for him.

Dean ignored letters from several authorities to leave Julie alone and discontinue the harassment of her.

Several clients Julie McGregor was working with, that she had contracts in place with, were interfered with by the bully by the making of deliberate unsound comments. Causing stress and losses to the clients and Julie.

Now, Julie was quite stubborn and wanted to continue her business despite all the bullying and emotional trauma she was under. Admittedly, this was a big mistake. How was she ever going to compete against these men in her emotional state.   People were visiting Deans blogs, talking to the fired salesman and side tracked by the greedy printing firm. This led to more people pulling out of Love of Books and more refunds for her to deal with than she could cope with.

Julie was eventually forced to remove herself from the public eye. Julie eventually sent herself bankrupt. Why? She could not compete with all the bullying of her. She

Now, Julie had communication with an overseas investor, who she believed she was helping through the church. She invested some of her own funds, believing she was helping war torn and poverty stricken people in Africa.

This kept her alive and good spirits during her mourning.

However it was a scam, ONE PLAYING WITH WIDOWS in mourning FOUND on-line. Much to her naive nature she suffered the consequences. Pleading guilty and assisting the police in their investigation was her own choice,  as she was too ill to face any trial.

Julie became victim to on line scammers. This woman who wore her heart on her sleeve and trusted to much lost herself completely.




Julie trusted a printer who printed her books for her clients. But, he grew his factory and machinery and wanted more. He wanted a publishing business under his roof as well. So he got what he wanted after 4 years of trying to gain this from Julie. He eventually got it through her sacked employee.

Did anyone else notice that all people claiming to be out of pocket are directly connected to either her sacked employee or Dean or both. Don’t you find this odd?  Makes you wonder doesn’t it? Are they for real? Were they poached over and manipulated into trying her for refunds? Were they friends of these master minds?

Now, if you had your business ripped from underneath you while your family was dying. At the same time bullied horrendously in so many ways. All this causing you to back peddle your finances while clients you are maintaining many hours and $$ with are slowly poached from under you… how would you cope?

Dean himself had been stalking Julie for as long as 4 years to date and was always determined to go to a newspaper in pursuit of blackmail and harassment.  Three newspaper journalists denied his claims of an article, as they actually did their research correct and found him to be unstable to stay the very least. With many holes in his fabrication.

However, not only did Dean alter the truth told, but so did the newspaper itself.

Julie McGregor assisted many community organisations  as well as pensioners. Volunteering her valuable time for little or no cost. Such as with this beautiful book “US KAREN” hosted by Julia Gillard.

The following is brief summary written by Julie herself.


As humans we have instincts.  Address your instincts.  If you feel something is wrong, then it most likely is wrong.  Learning to trust our instinct is one thing in itself.  Our emotions again do get in the way of our instincts. Emotions rule, similar to how the ocean rules.

I would easily recommend if you suffer a major upheaval, any emotional stress or turmoil while in business that it is a far better idea to close the doors to any new clients until you are feeling better and able to cope. I say this based on my own experience.

You may still be able to work with your loyal and faithful standing clients perhaps. Ours were super.   They may support you endlessly and be patient and caring, like ours did.  They may stand by you regardless, and have faith in you.  They are the true clients with good hearts and there are not many of those that will stick by you.

If you take on new clients when things don’t seem right and you didn’t close your doors then things can get very messy.  Your cash-flow may take a dive as you attempt to process refunds galore, as your x employee has snapped your clients up into his new found business.  If you are extremely unlucky, you may receive harassment from the employees you have fired or dismissed.

The fight back up will be long and hard.  People may abuse you if you owe money. Especially the ones who don’t know you.  It is their right to get back their own hard earned investment.  It is not their fault but your very own.  You are the only one to blame here.

Put on your business head and your hard hat at all times.  It is against the odds to form a caring and trusting relationship in business successfully.  Your staff have to like you to get paid.  Most of the time this is all it really is and nothing else.  Have faith!

Effort plus determination and motivation equals magic

We may well know that support is an essential ingredient for success, there are two other ingredients that are equally, if not far more important– belief and determination.

Running your own business can be a truly rewarding and magical experience.  But like anything in life, you need to put the effort in right from the very start.  If you start a business for yourself watch out for the dogs.  Corruption happens.  In-House or Out-house.

The famous racing car driver, Mario Andretti summed this up well when he said;

‘Desire is the key to motivation, but it’s the determination and commitment to an unrelenting pursuit of your goal – a commitment to excellence, that will enable you to attain the success you seek.’

I have found that whilst motivation ignites the flame of change within us, it is only the inspiration that comes from totally believing in what we are doing and putting our full dedication and commitment to excellence in whatever we do, that enables us to reap the rewards of success that our hearts desire.

There are many other people who share dreams similar to yours.  Who do you admire the most out of the successful people you know? And who demonstrates success in the way you believe it to be.

What special qualities do they have that separate them from the ‘rest’?

Was it just ‘luck’ that got them to the success position you now see OR was it a combination of many little successes they experienced along the way – the results of their determination to find a way through the many obstacles they probably faced combined with their continual focus (commitment) and belief (dedication) in the attainability of their goal that laid the solid foundations for the success they now enjoy? Or through corruption within their industry.

We can point to a few individuals who got their ‘success’ (or should we say financial windfall) through luck – maybe an inheritance, winning lotto or in some other equally fortuitous way.

But if you wait a while and then look back at the people who gain sudden wealth, you will often see that the majority lose that wealth within a very short time frame, simply because their heart/minds are stuck in the habits of poverty (spend first & save last, believing there is not enough, spending to impress others) rather than the habits of abundance and as such hold no understanding of how to manage a new found wealth.

An important factor here to staying on track may be to learn from the successful.

You could call people around you that you would like to emulate.  Call them and ask if they would like to share their secrets of success or offer to work for them for free so that you can find out all you can about how they created and now manage their success.

Make a point of learning about wealth and how to develop an investing rather than spending mentality.  Keep a notebook and label the information in sections.  Seek advice from qualified and respected advisers, find someone who has experience at being successful and use them as a mentor.  Your self-published book can be a success.

It is better to go outside of the family circle for Mentoring help and/or advice.

Whilst I know my family would like to help, (and I am sure yours would be the same) I know that we often create frustration because they either don’t know how or don’t have the knowledge or expertise to provide the answers or help we require.

If you look behind every successful person, whether in sport, self-publishing business or any other field you may find that they either have or have had some very powerful Mentors and coaches to help them along the way.  It is for this reason that we both use and recommend that you too find an appropriately honest and successful Mentor to help you on your journey.

It has been an incredible blessing along the way for me – both in helping me stay focused on what really matters in creating our own business and as a resource for discussing many ideas and concepts.

The money I invested in this type of support is truly nothing compared to the value I received.   Self-publishing costs are an outlay to begin with.   But you can gain a good return on your investment along with profit, which will make it all worthwhile in the end.  Just stay on track.

So what should you look for in a mentor or coach?

Firstly, make sure that the person you choose is successful in what they do and that they have a sound understanding of the industry you will work in and/or the business type that you intend to create.

Secondly, make an agreement with them that only total honesty in their appraisals of and advice about what they see is going on is allowed. In making this agreement, it is equally important that you are prepared to listen to what they tell you – especially when you don’t like hearing what they have to say.

After all, you will never get good support or advice about how to improve if you’re only willing to hear what you would like to hear rather than what you have to hear in order to help you grow. Thirdly, make sure you have a deep level of trust and respect in the Mentor you choose and that you feel comfortable with their style.  Working with a Mentor or Coach works at its best when there is total ease in your communications and you both have a mutual commitment to your growth.


The next point to consider in the ongoing development of your life/business is the vitally important point of balance.Take time out to exercise, time out, healthy food, spirituality) required to sustain both yourself and the relationships around you.  If you let this area of maintaining balance go – I can assure you from personal experience that the business you are working so hard on, your family and/or your health will suffer.

Lastly, make sure that you prioritize time for working ON your business as well as working IN your business.  This time should be treated with the same level of commitment and reverence that you give to your most important client.

I have found both in my own business and in the businesses of clients that unless regular time is given to working ON the business – planning, reviewing, researching, analyzing and adapting to changing circumstances, we all get bogged down in the work and are left wondering why our businesses are failing.

In short, we believe that you owe it to yourself, those that support and love you, those that may come to rely on you for their livelihoods and the many clients you will come to serve to ensure that you do everything in your power to be the best you can be.

Have both the confidence and trust that your journey will be a spectacular success – if you allow it be so.


A planner is a good habit to get into.  You can write down areas that need assistance and allocate times during the week to tend to them. If you adapt your work flow properly you can make good use of your time.

I set up a simple workflow sheet from excel – The spreadsheet is set up with columns.  At the start of every week I write in the items that need to be attended and an amount of time for each item. Your main items should be analysing, reviewing, researching and planning.

The success of your business will depend on many factors. Businesses use these steps to succeed.  I have spoken to several successful people who confirm this. I also know that people need to be listened to.

Customer service

The customer service should be spot on.  In most instances your customer service approach just like the chair side manner of a dentist will win your sale rather than your price.

I go to a dentist that adapts a caring and positive approach that is sensitive to my feelings and takes the time with me to ensure my up-most comfort, rather than the one that offers the cheaper rates and the straight and mutual treatment.

So, the message here is take the time to care for your clients.  If someone gets good service from a business they are also more likely to recommend you to their friends. You should always be respectful in every way.   My father always said if you have got no respect you have got nothing.

Hold your head up high

Do the research

Through endless hours on the internet and investing time in reference books not only with self-publishing and book marketing but other areas of my life also, I am able to meet make a difference in my life and hopefully yours.

You don’t have to believe everything you read as some information may not fit right or be correct. Collecting information and trying different ideas all helps.

Definition of business success

My success in the self-publishing business came from my determination to succeed.  Of course there was a lot of hard work in the beginning.   There is a lot to learn with Self-publishing to become successful in this business.

Final summary

Do the research.

Keep a business head in place in business.

Follow the steps correctly with any instructions.

Watch the budget.

Write down notes.  Keep notebooks, one for self-publishing, one for book marketing, one for design, one for print production, one for business and one for every aspect of your business.

Who let the dogs out? Julie McGregor’s fact sheet

You can go a long way in business. Build up your clientele and form good relationships for a long period. For me it was 8 years. 8 years of trust built up with 8 years of people liking us. A heaven that I loved and debt free. I came from a caring background and to be caring for the clients in my work gave me much satisfaction.

I thought I was smart, after all I had a beautiful family and a thriving business over such a long period of time. My heart was always in the right place. I worked very hard to earn what I got, as well as the respect that came with it.

Six months prior to my mother’s death there was things happening in the business that were not right.  Follow your gut instinct is one thing I neglected.

On January the 7th 2013 my mother passed after a long term illness of over 10 years. Before she passed I visited her as much as I possibly could. At the same time my father was in hospital and my husband was diagnosed with a terminal illness.

My emotions were at a real low but I thought I could keep going. Wrong!

I lost my bearings, so to speak. I trusted where I should not have and took my eye off the ball.  I lost much of my hard earned respect and work.

One day the bottom fell out. Right out of my nest. The nest that I had nurtured for so very long. The nest that my husband worked night shifts in the initial stages to support me with our goals and dreams. When I say bottom, I mean bottom. It was like a reem of cards falling over fast and furious. One might call it a very big kick in the ass. And then I would suffer immensely as to why? It took me a whole year of therapy to finally let go of “the whys”?

But even to date, the hurt, pain and agony of the torturous pre-meditated angry harassment and violation of my rights still continues and haunts me.

Yes, it wasn’t just the losses of family and much of my business livli-hood I endured. A woman in business is easy prey.  And to be easy prey to not only one man but three. Three men against one woman with a dying husband. Don’t seem fair does it? But that is how it was for me.

I eventually lost my dear husband in July 2015. He was a man who loved people, his family and loved me so very much.  I guess I thought that all men were good and protective to women. Well the ones in my life I thought all were. Wrong!

I knew that I was never going to let any of them bring me down.  For I am competition and I should remain my friends and family would say.

I fought so hard that my tears were rolling down my face days when my dying husband asked me if I was ready yet. Ready for a little outing I planned for him, whether it was the beach, dinner or the movies as we could not afford much. I was mostly always trying to work to pay for the horrendous damage and keep our livli-hood. Couldn’t plan much, although these times were very important for him. I was mostly late getting off my computer, unless I worked over 12 hours a day to catch up.

I tossed over ideas of giving up and giving in. As I knew the torture and harassment may stop only if I did.  I also felt the bills would stop if I did give up too. But the debts kept me going as I was determined to pay them all, every single one.

I prayed to God often.  For the love of my family and friends I stayed strong.

I developed an eBook from a learning experience to assist others to beat the dogs in business.

Rules of the game:

Whether you are a woman or a man the same applies.

  1. EMOTION: Keep as much emotion of business as you can. Sure, you might make friends, I have made many. But there are snakes out there and you will get bitten.
  2. GUT INSTINCT: Why do we have it? Well its usually right, so use it.
  3. FRIENDS: If you are a bit naïve and bit too kind listen to your friends who aren’t so naïve. If several of them warn you of a bad egg then they are probably right.
  4. TRUST: If someone begs you to trust them. It may be just a show to penetrate your gut instinct. Why would they beg? Have you indicated a sense of mis-trust to them and they need to get your assurance.
  5. SHUT UP SHOP: If you have a lot of turmoil in your life it may be a wiser move to just shut up shop until the coast is clear again. Or should I say head.
  6.  COURT ORDER: A woman should seek out court orders very early at any sign of harassment. Don’t try and be nice and ask politely by phone or email to be left alone. You won’t get a reply, trust me.  If someone is out to get you they will hold down to the last grind. Get the police involved.
  7.  PEOPLE AND MONEY: People will be angry if you owe them money. They don’t give a rats ass if you don’t have any. They will go at you like a bull at a gate.  If your really unlucky some will torture the living daylights out of you any way possible. But you will get some that are very patient and easy to work with.  Look after the patient ones first to show your appreciation.
  8.  GO SOLO for a while until you get back on your feet again. You did it in the beginning so you can for sure do it again. You are a lot wiser and have more experience now so it’s easier to get the ball rolling again.
  9.  GOVERNMENT ASSISTANCE: Don’t be too proud to ask for government assistance. You need it, you are entitled to it, so go for it. They will tell you what to do and will work out your entitlements correctly.
  10. HEALTH: With all this going on your health may suffer. Get help and do look after your health as a priority. Taking care of your health and eating right is giving your body the right fuel and keeping up maintenance to give your mind, body and soul the strength it needs.
  11. JUSTIFICATION: Don ‘t try and justify yourself or your actions to anyone, ever. There is no poverty like ignorance. And believe me, some people are pretty stupid and very ignorant. Some people can be easily manipulated and brain washed.  Some of the most intelligent people in the world have been in cults, allowing them to be brainwashed and manipulated to be, act and do some very horrible things.  When they finally reach a point of saying no or getting their wake-up call, they come out of a very dark hole to a very rude awakening.
  12. REACH FOR THE HIGHEST MOUNTAIN: With all the negativity and drama happening you may need a bit of a pick me up. Surround yourself with positive people. Read success stories and books of successful people to create a positive dome of protection around you. Do what you do best, keep learning and hold your head up high. You’re never too old to learn and grow in your personal life or business.

BANKRUPTCY: Gives you a chance to start over again. It seems like your getting out of your commitments. But in all honesty if you cannot pay, then that’s it. Don’t put off the inevitable. You need to eat and pay your rent. Your health may suffer if you burn yourself out trying to maintain what debt you have.

LOYALTY: Many people still pay their debts once on their feet. Choose carefully if you want to pay and who you want to pay first. But the law says you don’t have to pay at all. You need to make sure that you can look after yourself first.

There are many good books out there that can help you get things back into perspective.

When they say: What doesn’t kill me will make me strong. Its true to a degree.


So many people don’t think about specific goals – they just think about wants or wishes. “I want to make more money.”  “I wish I could lose weight.” These are all very common desires. Unfortunately, these thoughts alone will not lead to successful results.

By defining goals that are tightly tied to your values and your personal dreams, you make a powerful start on the path to happiness and success.  But, knowing what you want is just the first of two critical steps in getting what you want.  Having a plan that keeps you focused on your goals, instead of simply setting and forgetting them is the key.

Make sure you set highly personal goals. Then back them up with a proven and structured process.

Julie McGregor assisted many community organisations  as well as pensioners volunteering her valuable time for little or no cost. Such as with this beautiful book “US KAREN” hosted by Julia Gillard.

Now, Julie had communication with an overseas investor, who she believed she was helping through the church. She invested some of her own funds, believing she was helping war torn and poverty stricken people. This kept her alive and good spirits during her mourning.

However it was a scam, one playing with widows in mourning found on-line. Much to her naive nature she suffered the consequences. Pleading guilty and assisting the police in their investigation was her own choice,  as she was too ill to face any trial.

Julie became victim to on line scammers. This woman who wore her heart on her sleeve and trusted to much lost herself completely.





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