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Love of Books – Free Online Book Exposure


Love of Books is launching a brand new service.

We now assist authors using ‘Love of Books Australia-wide services’ to market their work.

What we are doing

WE ARE OFFERING FREE ONLINE BOOK SALES EXPOSURE : We are creating a dynamic opportunity for authors Australia-wide, as a thank-you to our self published authors.


We are creating a range of high impact featured promotions on-line to assist you to promote your new book.


How will these promotions benefit my self published book?

  1. It will give you FREE ONLINE BOOK SALES EXPOSURE through search engines on-line.
  2. Our web services are constantly monitored.
  3. Love of Books websites rate very high in search engines such as GOOGLE
  4. You will have total control over your own sales visibility.
  5. Total visibility of your own royalty payments.

Why are we doing this

SIMPLE – We heard you and value your custom!

  1. So many authors who have placed their book in on-line book stores, such as the publishing house they signed up with, are finding little to no advantage in doing this.
  2.  Some the royalty value from the sales of their hard work is collected by the provider of the site. (In most cases this means the book price is set too high, forcing lower sales due to the high cost).
  3. The owner of the on-line store takes charge of viewing and supplying your royalties. (In many cases the owner of these sites are not checking and attending to the royalty payments correctly.
  4. They may charge more for your book. ( this does not go down well in today’s economic climate)
  5. In many cases it can cause a sales negative effect.

What details can be placed on these promotions ?

The promotional pages will display a 3D image of YOUR NEW BOOK.

( We create this 3D image free of charge. You may request a free copy)

A brief summary of your book can be displayed with the 3D image.

A link to your own point of sale will be placed on our promotional page alongside the book image and description.

 Rules: The only thing we ask of you is:

You must place our link on your page where you are advertising your book for sale.

Use appropriate language and words, as per our advice to help increase your sales opportunities. That’s it! 

Your manuscript must be professionally edited by your own editor/proofreader or one of our highly trained editors/proofreaders.

Your manuscript must not contain obscene language.

(We will give you the 3d image of your book along with the on-line exposure option free of charge).

It is our way of saying thank-you. 

Why is working with feedback and research so important to us

  1. It ensures book publishing/printing processes are constantly updated.
  2. It benefits you as a new author in regards to book promotion.
  3. It keeps costs for publishing and printing services down.
  4. Maintains a high quality standard of products and services.

Other publishers are selling … or supposedly selling self published authors books in their on-line or walk in shop book stores.

They then send authors the small royalty from the sales… if any. In turn, turning over profit margins themselves from the sales of the self-published authors books.

The feedback we received from authors all over the world is how we received this information.

We like to think outside the box. Yes, we like to be different!