Julia Gillard and Love of Books

Published on Feb 6, 2013

“Us Karen” was written by Richard Dove and illustrated by the talented Karen artist, Tha Do, to tell the amazing story of the Karen people’s journey, as refugees, from Burma to Australia.

The book was published as a Wyndham Community and Education Centre project and was funded by the Wyndham City Council. “Us Karen” was launched at Wyndham City Council on the 22nd of February, 2012 before an audience of over 300 people.

The Prime Minister of Australia, Julia Gillard, kindly supported this book launch by recording this speech from her office, in Canberra. The book has already sold 1,000 copies.

Julie McGregor also supported this book enormously by providing her own valuable time with the layout of the book along with the creation of the cover design setup ready for printing.  Julie McGregor often supports charities with her gift of valuable time and knowledge. Julie McGregor has spent over 8 years in the industry and has worked very hard to develop her business named Love of Books.