Our Process

, Our Process

Learn how to self publish with an easy step by step process!

Take your niche to the next level!

It is a complete step-by-step publishing process with a series of steps designed with care and support to assist new authors with self-publishing and getting published easily and successfully – Brisbane and Australia-wide!

“Helping Authors Brisbane and Australia-wide self-publish with ease.”

Books and publishing – Discover our easy steps to help you understand how to self-publish your new book easily, professionally and affordably.

Self Publish with total success – no surprises, all terms explained, caring and professional services!

If you have a great idea for a story, you must write it, and self publish it into a fabulous book for others to read!

To support you through the self-publishing maze, we have developed a simple 10 step process to get your book published.

Please read through all the steps to gain an overview of the process and determine your specific needs. Then give us a call or email a request for an obligation free quote. The quote request form is designed to help you get started. We are more than happy to discuss your questions and your needs when ready to embark on your self-publishing journey.

Book Publishing and Book Printing Process

How to self publish the easy way – What we will do for you

All files SENT to our book printer for book printing services only are checked professionally, saved as PDF files and then sent to you for inspection – free of charge before placing to print as part of our service.

You will receive a written summary, including suggestions for improvement if your files are not print-ready.

We will provide you with a quote for adjustments needed if you cannot complete the changes yourself.

You are entitled to a book proof of your completed manuscript for added peace of mind. So, if the first paper proof copy shows that you have unfortunately overlooked a typing or formatting error, amend your file and return it to us so that we can resubmit it to print a new proof.

A book proof is sent to you within approx. 4-10 working days after you approve the final files. Depending on the binding type you have ordered. Once you approve your book proof, your printed books can be available for delivery within weeks; for deadlines, see notes below.

If we are completing any design services, we will work with your requests incorporating our design experience.

Preliminary Information

Book Publishing and Book Printing Process

We can provide you with the information necessary to make your dream to self publish come true. ‘Publishing Packages’ are flexible and can be adjusted to include extra services such as a website or poster design at any time.

Just a few questions required to determine your book specifications and the services you need.

Complete the contact form online. Please attend in person, by interview, or telephone us for this initial no-obligation requirement.

You will then receive a preliminary quote based on your selections.

1. Accepting your personalised quote

Check that your new quote meets your needs. Complete any details for delivery arrangements etc. This is a preliminary quote. Naturally frequent changes along the way, such as page and design variations, are taken into account.

Please FAX or SCAN and EMAIL a signed copy of your quote to your publishing company to place your order. Organise to pay your minimum deposit.

Your consultant will contact you as soon as it is received. You will also be sent an updated invoice, along with your welcome package.

Payments can be made by bank, cheque, PayPal, credit card or cash. For PayPal payments, a fee of 30 dollars per thousand dollars order value is required.

For continued use of our services, a deposit is required. This deposit is an acceptance of your quote.

Now it is time to send your important files. Submit PDF’s, Microsoft Publisher, PowerPoint or Microsoft Word files. (Program not here? Ask us!)

This is your Step 1 Completed.

DEADLINES: If you have a timeline for your books to be available to you, discuss this with your consultant.

Under normal circumstances, all preparation processes can be completed within weeks. Hardcover, sewn binding and large quantity orders do take a longer time to print.

Payment options are:

If your manuscript is not complete or ready to send yet, you can secure and lock in your discounted package while completing your preparations. We will work with you when you are ready.

2. An initial deposit is required once you have accepted your quote.

3. Pay as you go option on your terms – which requires an initial deposit once you have approved your quote.

We will work with your manuscript on a ‘Pay As You Go’ basis. Your new books will be delivered to your door shortly after your final payment.

Service Provider Refunds:

Your designs are yours to keep, not ours. We spend the time making them for you along with your instructions. We will keep up with the process within a reasonable time limit only until they look how you want them to look within the design limitations.

The time taken to complete the design process is not refundable in any instance because we can’t simply use the files for anyone else. They are yours only. If you find faults with your printed books, then naturally they will be replaced free of charge. Replacements are given within the shortest possible time by following our guidelines. Any faulty copies of your book need to be sent back to us within two weeks from the delivery date to be eligible for the reprint. (we pay ALL FREIGHT)

2. Welcome Pack and Handy Hints

Next, you will receive a welcome pack that includes self-publishing information using our easy step by step process.

Included in this package are a few simple forms such as ISBN and CiP registrations.

These forms enable us to work with your requests incorporating our design experience personally and professionally.

3. Your Manuscript

We may offer you suggestions for writing your manuscript.

If you are worried about your manuscript, please check out our appraisal services.

A service that can provide you with professional feedback, highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of the story and character development and style and content.

Self-publish with a professional edge!

4. Proofreading and Editing

Checking your work is an essential step for all manuscripts.

It is always advisable to get someone else to look over your work. Choose a professional editing and proofreading service rather than attempting to complete this task yourself.

A finely polished manuscript has a higher chance of success.

5. Book size and binding options

Firstly, complete some research to determine your book size and binding options. Have a look at your favourite bookstore or on your bookshelf for ideas. We are happy to advise of the most cost-effective and durable options.

Next, you will need to know the number of books you require to be printed and decide on some marketing options, perhaps.

We can advise you of the most cost-effective process for your specific needs.

Use the adjustment option. Changes can be made to your quote during the initial process.

6. Cover Design & Formatting

Despite the old saying ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’, it is essential to note that a good cover design is vital to ensuring a professional-looking book. A good cover design increases your ability to market your book and achieve higher sales.

Inside your book, correct formatting can be quite tricky. Margins, chapter headings, page numbers, justifications, drop caps, spacing, fonts and indenting are all aspects we work with.

If you choose our book cover design services, we will work with you to complete a stunning book cover design.

7. ISBN and CiP Services

ou complete a simple form with your details, and we do the rest!

What we include:

  • We obtain your ISBNs for your new book and or eBook.
  • We supply your BAR-CODE and place it on your book’s back cover.
  • We provide the extra copies required for the legal deposits for your title.
  • We register your title with Trove (formerly called BowkerLink).

8. Proof Copy

After approving your files, your book proof copy will be delivered to you.

Your next step is to check this proof copy and, if necessary, make any required changes.

9. Book Printing

Once you have approved your book proof, you will receive your new books delivered to your door.

All books printed are guaranteed for binding quality. Book printing times can vary depending on season and type of bind or order.

10. Marketing

When embarking on your vision to self-publish, you can’t ignore the essential need to market your work.

Our marketing modules can assist with successful book promotion

Experienced staff are here to provide the support you need. To ensure your book has every opportunity of finding its way to many new homes.


We are publishing for Beginners. We Love Books, and we know about Books.


Upload Your Book and Cover Files Below

File Formats: Talk to your consultant first.

Resolution: 300 dpi (For Graphics)

Colours: CMYK

POD Book printing is completed from these files.

Acceptable File Formats for Printing

File Formats: PDF (check with us for other types)

Resolution: 300 dpi (For Graphics)

Colours: CMYK

POD Book printing is completed from these files.

If you need assistance with your files to understand more about the results you can achieve from them within their limitations, talk to your consultant.
There are several choices with file sending:

  • You can use a secure file send service
  • or Mail us your USB or CD