The Church

The Church

This book argues that the authentic church is the most precious thing on earth. It addresses such critical issues as the Church’s true identity and God’s intention for the Church on earth in the 21st Century as opposed to alternate humanly devised paradigms. It directs us back to God’s original glorious purposes and postulates that when we work to God’s original plan our experience moves closer to that of the New Testament church and we set in motion healing and restoration within the organic body of Christ.

Wedding Day

Five wedding functions on one day are keeping Lucinda Young, Old Upton Manor hotel’s events manager, busy. Rebecca Easton, a legal head of corporate accounts, is looking forward to her nephew’s wedding and a well-deserved holiday in Fiji. While Rob Mason, a much loved author, is delighted to be attending another of the weddings being held that day. Then there is a suspicious death. And as Detective Inspector Gareth Wainwright, locks down the hotel to investigate; Rebecca, Rob and the victim’s family, have to face that sometimes, someone else’s day can change your tomorrow.

Ending The Religious Lies

The creation force in the universe existed long before the names Hindu, Christian and Jew were used. At some point, personal liberation will be outside the boundaries of conformity. This book sets out to explain Christ’s mystical influences, and then a direct comparison between Hindus’ supreme teaching and Christianity (a comparable relationship exists). It also talks about God, Paul, Atheism, Hades, Krsna, Buddha, Quantum Theory and Christianity, DNA, Chromosomes and God’s relationship with the child, karma, Revelations, and more. This book sets out to unite Man, breaking down the walls of the human ego, which has influenced us since the closing of the Old Testament.

My Budget Mate

Ever wanted to know how to do a complete budget? This book has the lot. A complete and concise easy to read and understand book. Hardcover excellence. Packed in a beautiful box for keepsake.

In Glorious Black and White

Douglas (Brian) Thompson b.Stanthorpe Queensland 1932. Trained in a Southport studio and self-studied. Joined the R.A.A.F. as a photographer and served 6 years 1950 -56 inc. 3 1/2 years as an instructor at the R.A.A.F School of Photography, at the time, the only photographic school in Australia. He spent 6 years in London where he widened his skills, particularly in his growing interest in creative nude photography. On moving to Sydney he became a prominent commercial/illustrative photographer specializing in arts and crafts. He also, for some time, conducted classes in photography. His illustrations for the book ‘Australian Pottery’ drew great acclaim. His work has appeared in many books, magazines, exhibition catalogues and other publications.

Winners, Lowlife & Losers eBook

This is a very frank and honest expose of the highs and lows of being an owner/breeder in the horse racing.