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Your rights and responsibilities

Your Rights and Responsibilities as a Self-Publisher

LOVE OF BOOKS ISBN PACKAGE – You simply complete a form with your details and we do the rest!

  • We obtain your ISBN number for your new book in your own name
  • We will supply your BARCODE and place it on the back of your book cover
  • We will send copies of your book (paid for by us) to the relevant libraries as part of our services provided in the ISBN package
  • We will register your title with CiP and Trove
  • We will provide you with a free copyright page to personalise

Rights and Responsibilities – Details


Trove is an online service that supplements what search engines provide. The website allows the user to search a topic (E.g. Brisbane, Queen Elizabeth, or J.K. Rowling) for pictures, articles, information, or manuscripts.

Trove, a product of the National Library of Australia, makes it simpler for people to find resources hidden throughout the web, and unveils material from websites and sources that had gone undetected.

Unlike other search engines, Trove provides a ranking system for topics, and groups similar articles, books, and materials together within the same list of search results.

Trove can be accessed through its website: and can be contacted through the National Library of Queensland:

CiP – Cataloguing-in-Publication

This is voluntary

The National Library of Australia (NLA) manages Cataloguing-in-Publication (CiP) data, which is used by libraries in Australia and around the world to catalogue books.

A CiP entry includes the name of the authors, the book’s title and subjects, and the book’s ISBN (you must have an ISBN in order to obtain CiP).

While CiP data is not a legal requirement, CiP entries are listed on Kinetica, the NLA’s database of material held in Australian libraries, ensuring that books can be used by a wide audience.

As CiP information should be included on the printed version of your book, the NLA will prepare a CiP entry for your book before it is published, from a form completed by you.

The CiP information should be printed in your book according to the guidelines provided by the NLA.

An information brochure and application forms can be obtained online at the NLA’s web site, or by contacting: Cataloguing-in-Publication Unit National Library of Australia Canberra ACT 2600. Tel: (02) 6262-1458, Fax: (02) 6273-4492 Email: Website:

Legal deposit

As the name suggests, legal deposit is a legal requirement to ensure that copies of publications are deposited in libraries in the country in which they are published.

In Australia, the Copyright Act 1968 and a number of State Acts require publishers to provide one copy of any work they publish to the National Library of Australia and to the relevant library/ies in the state in which it is published.

Legal deposit ensures that your book can be identified and used by as many people as possible, now and in the future.

You should provide copies of your book for legal deposit as soon as possible after publication, although legal deposit libraries will contact publishers when they find that they have not received a publication required for legal deposit.

The time frame within which a book must be lodged with the appropriate libraries varies from state to state, but, generally, it must be deposited within one to two months of publication. There is no charge for legal deposit.

An information brochure listing requirements and contact details for each state can be obtained by contacting: Legal Deposit Unit National Library of Australia Canberra ACT 2600 Tel (02) 6262-1312, Fax (02) 6273-4322 Email: Website:

Love of Books includes the legal deposit of your books as well as the process of the application of your CiP number if you select the CiP Services as an added option included in the LOVE OF BOOKS ISBN PACKAGE.

EAN (GS1 – formerly the Australian Product Number)

EAN Australia administers the standard worldwide numbering and bar coding system used to identify products, goods, services, locations and shipments, in many different industry sectors. In the book sector, the EAN (GS1) can be calculated from the ISBN/ISSN.

EAN Australia provides this service and encourages publishers to join in order to receive many other benefits like newsletters, barcode testing, and the software to calculate check digits from your ISBNs/ISSNs. The EAN number is then represented by an EAN 13 digit barcode – see barcode section below.

For EAN information contact: EAN Australia2 KingstonTown Close(Locked Bag 10) Oakleigh VIC 3166 National Tel Number 1300-366-033, Fax (03) 9569-1525Web site

Australian Books in Print & GNAB

All books published in Australia are eligible for free inclusion in D W Thorpe’s Australian Books in Print (AusBiP), which is used by libraries and bookshops to identify and order titles for their customers.

It is currently produced in two different formats: an annual bound edition and a monthly edition on microfiche; and it will soon be available on-line. Australian Books in Print includes lists of Australian titles and authors, as well as contact details for Australian publishers and distributors.

Australian Books in Print is an excellent form of free advertising for your book, it is important that you provide up-to-date details for inclusion in each edition. To ensure that libraries and bookshops are able to locate and order your books easily, it is essential that you provide as much information as possible, and as early as possible prior to the publication of your book.

Should any details change during the production process, your entry in Australian Books in Print will be updated free of charge, as soon as you notify D W Thorpe in writing, quoting the relevant ISBN.

Thorpe’s free entry forms allow you to add new titles and Thorpe will assist you in completing them if necessary. Guide to New Australian Books is a unique listing and description of newly published Australian books.

Each entry includes an annotation (a description of the work’s contents), full bibliographic details, author, editor, illustrator and subject index.

To be eligible for entry into GNAB, you need to send a copy of your work to Thorpe Information Services as soon as possible after publication. When submitting, please include a notification of its all-inclusive recommended retail price and the month and year of its publication.

For more information, or for application forms for Australian Books in Print, contact: Thorpe Information Services18 Salmon Street, (Locked Bag 20), Port Melbourne VIC 3207 Tel (03) 9245-7576, Fax (03) 9245-7393, Email Web site

Thorpe-Bowker Level One, 607 St Kilda Road(PO Box 6509, St Kilda Road Central VIC 8008)Melbourne VIC 3004Tel: +61-3-8517-8333Fax: +61-3-8517-8399 Email:


ISBN (International Standard Book Number)

What Is An ISBN?

The International Standard Book Number (ISBN) is a 13-digit number that uniquely identifies books and book-like products published internationally.

While an ISBN is not mandatory, and does not provide copyright on a work, it is the principal world-wide ordering device for the international book trade and library market.

The ISBN and Barcode application process is online. To request an ISBN or Barcode please CLICK HERE. (This link will take you to a secure online payment gateway. Please read all instructions carefully!

ISBN Agency, Thorpe-Bowker Thorpe-Bowker Level One, 607 St Kilda Road (PO Box 6509, St Kilda Road Central VIC 8008) Melbourne Vic, 3004 Tel: +61 3 8517 8349 Fax: +61 3 8517 8368

ISBN Pricing Prices are approximate only and may be changed without notice – visit for latest prices.