Thinking about Self Publishing?

Thinking about Self Publishing?

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The self-publishing trend is on the increase as Baby Boomers and aspiring new authors choose the self-publishing route as many tire of red-tape, and the difficulty of achieving success through the traditional publishing method.

Australians are increasingly embracing self-publishing as a viable method to get their books published. This is evidenced by the many websites rapidly emerging that help self-publishers bring their dream book to reality.

So why are Australians increasingly embracing self-publishing? One of the main reasons is demographic and lifestyle changes; with Baby Boomers coming to the end of their working careers, many moving towards a consultancy role or working from home. As a result, their new role or increase in spare time has allowed them to invest more time into authoring books.

Secondly, traditional publishers have made it so hard for authors to get their book published it is often not a very pleasant experience. For every 1 that is accepted, there are 99 manuscripts that are rejected. The odds are not very good. For the author, there are many avenues nowadays that can help them promote and sell their books, perhaps even better than the publishing houses can in many cases. The first of these is the internet, if used properly, it can instantly help authors sell their books globally. What’s more, the self-publishing author usually gets a higher percentage of profit from the sale of each book.

There have been many books that had started off as self-published books and have eventually become hugely successful. Kiyosaki’s “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” has been on the New York Times Bestseller list for over 5 years in a row, and the “Chicken Soup for the Soul” series which has sold over $1 billion in revenue, are just some examples. The real need therefore for self-publishing companies is a place where they can get all that information to successfully self publish and to get the best chance of success at self-publishing. One company that takes a genuine interest in the author’s success in self-publishing and strives to deliver the best results possible for each client.

Self-publishing appears to be set in continuing its growth in Australia. For the first time, it appears that the self-publishing author has good a chance of achieving success especially with guidance and support from a caring publishing company.

Self Publishing Hints:

When you finish writing your book, you should…

1. Have some proofreading completed

Although it’s something you can easily do, it’s a good idea to get someone else, even two other people to proofread for typing and spelling errors again. It is a fact that we don’t always see our own mistakes. If you really don’t have someone proficient enough to proofread your manuscript, pay a professional to do it if your book is meant for the general public.

2. The next thing is to think about is how you want your book to look (your book layout).

If you are totally new to self-publishing, get some ideas from checking out other printed books. When you have decided on the style that you want, pay particular attention to the book size, the font type, position of headers, footers, page numbering, style of titles or headings, page, and chapter layout. If your book contains page after page of continuous text, it is important to introduce space at the right intervals in order not to tax your readers. Clever use of space can actually enhance the visual appeal of your book. And if you have pictures in your book, make sure there’s sufficient space to separate your text from the pictures.

3. Your book title

Your book title may be a short line but it can be your biggest attention grabber next to your book cover design. A title that impacts someone who sees it is more likely to make her want to find out more and adds to your book sales. However, your book title must also be relevant so take time to think of a good one that describes your book. A short but memorable title that reads easily is more likely to capture attention. Even though a shopper may not buy your book immediately, she is more likely to go back to buy it when your subject matter becomes useful to her later if she remembers the book title. If your book is a business or a how-to book, it may help to include a subtitle that offers a solution or which expands on the main title.

4. Now, for your book’s cover design.

If you are not an artist or experienced in designing, it’s wise to pay a professional to do it. Your book cover is your no.1 selling aid and it must grab shoppers’ attention if you want it to sell. Don’t forget your book is competing with thousands of others for attention! Choice of colours, image, style of fonts is an important consideration and should be appropriate to your subject matter. It’s well worth your time to study the book covers of bestsellers and popular books even if you are not designing it yourself. Your ISBN with bar-code should be included on your back cover. The title of your book and your name should also appear on the book spine.

5. You should also have a Title Page and a Copyright © Page in your book

You may also include your CiP registration. The Title page can appear on the 1st right-hand page of your book.

6. The Copyright page looks nice on the 1st left-hand page of your book

The Copyright page should also include your ISBN number. You may wish to insert your CiP (optional), your publisher name, and your contact details here.

7. When your book is ready for publishing,

Your files need to be converted. Both your manuscript and your book cover need to be converted into Press Quality PDF format as separate files.

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