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Terms of Agreement

Love of Books Australia-wide

Preliminary Notes:

You are the publisher of your own book.

The only signature required by Love of Books Australia-wide: Servicing South Burnett, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast Australia is for the acceptance of your quoted costs for the services you have nominated.  We don’t hold any rights or commissions whatsoever to your valuable work.

All services requested, as part of our process will require a deposit before commencement.  The final payment also, as part of our process must be paid before handing over of your files to you or FOR any final book printing to commence.

Our processes are built to enable quality services and products at the best possible price.

Your files and your books are personal and they are yours.

We, at Love of Books Australia-wide operate differently to 95% of other publishing houses.

How?  We do not offer for sale by royalty from any of your work or printed books.

But, we do offer assistance and advice with book promotion and book marketing.  And at little or no cost in some instances.

You own the copyright of  YOUR WORK.  Your work is personal and it is yours always!

TERMS OF AGREEMENT – Publishing and Printing Services

1.0. The Author guarantees that the Author has copyright to the “Book” (book, manuscript, work of art or other document including electronic copies thereof) by virtue of being the author or creator and/or having license from the copyright owner, and will retain copyright to the Book for the duration of this publishing/printing agreement.

2.0. The Author hires Love of Books Australia-wide to provide the “Book” print and self-publishing services, which include book pre‐printing services (available in the form of packages), finance packages, print on demand manufacturing, eBook creation and Marketing Packages, as well as general advice.

3.0. Love of Books Australia-wide servicing South Burnett, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast Australia will perform the publishing, printing and or marketing services in accordance with the written quote acceptance between the parties.

4.0. Upon quote acceptance by the Author, the terms and conditions of this agreement shall apply:

4.1. The Author accepts this agreement and is required to make some payment before the job commences.  Payment for digitally produced files, printed books and marketing items will need the final payment completed before final delivery. IN the case of printed books the final payment needs to be made before books can be printed or delivered.

4. 2. The Author may send his/her files to us via our large server service or by CD/USB in post.

4.3. If the Author does not take up any extra publishing, design or services provided by Love of Books Brisbane in order to set up files ready to print, then the Author must provide the files themselves in print ready format unless otherwise stated.  Love of Books Brisbane and Australia-wide can not be held liable for any undesired results or be responsible if professional design services are not utilized.

4.4. Payment can be made by PayPal, cheque, cash, credit card, in person at any Bank branch, or via internet transfer.

Once payment has been processed and the artwork has processed to a print CONFIRMED PRINT READY format, a book proof can be printed and sent out to the Author.  This may take from 3 to 12 working days or longer depending on the condition of your files.  Hard Cover Books can take slightly longer, excluding delivery time (depending on the carrier and postage service to the Author’s locality along with current job cue status at the time) and can be affected by circumstances outside its control.

Love of Books Australia-wide staff will try to the best of our ability to ensure that every step within the publishing/printing process will be completed in a timely and professional manner.  It is important that the Author checks and approves the book proofs with care.  We will not be responsible for incorrect text, images or fonts once an approval of proof copy either by pdf or printed copy is supplied.  Proof copies are produced for this reason.  Authors and or their contracted editors are responsible for the thorough checking of files before requesting proof copies and on receiving a proof copy before approving for final printing..

4.5. Some book proofs may be printed as loose printed sheets with the cover placed around the contents (not bound).

In all instances you are encouraged to attempt to work and communicate in a positive manner continually with staff  in order to complete your order in process to your expectations within it’s limitations.  The process of communication between yourself and staff, along with time taken with responses plays an important role in determining the time it will take to complete the whole process of your order.  We do aim to please and get it right.  Your first draft of your cover and contents may be a surprise to you. Talk to your consultant who will work with you to achieve your desired result.

Why?  Because as much as emails are a good source of communication at times, a phone call can speed things up for you faster and in the right direction. So pick up the phone if you need to!  The onus is on you to communicate any issues or concerns directly.

Love of Books Australia-wide reserves the right to remove any content visible on any of its public domains and social media sites.

4.7. Turnaround time of project refers to turnaround time from ‘proof approval’. E.g.: 30 day turnaround time = 30 working days from the day the book proof is approved by the Author. Turnaround time does not include delivery time (2-5 days).  This is the normal expected delivery time for books to be completed. In the event that the job is completed before 30 days, the job will be delivered earlier to the Author. However, all turnaround dates are not  promised or precise and in any event – Clients/authors should allow for delays due to high quantity of jobs in the print cue for example: certain times of the year ie. Christmas, End of Financial Year – July – August and Easter. Allowances must also be made for weather conditions where transport vehicles are delayed. As well as print machine failures and staff interruptions due to days off.

Most short orders of books are usually delivered within a 2-3 week time frame IF AND WHEN FILES ARE CONFIRMED BY OUR PRINT MANAGER AS PRINT READY FILES. Long orders are delivered at the discretion of staff.

4.8. Love of Books Australia-wide is/ will not be liable for any monetary losses as the result of any delay with given or expected delivery date of files, products services or books. Internal or external disruption of services all inclusive. For example: If you have an important book launch organized; Ensure the timing of your books arrival falls at least within 2 weeks prior to your book launch to allow for any unfortunate service disruptions. As much as we endeavor to the best of our ability to meet deadlines where this is a possibility, unfortunately things can go wrong in Murphy’s law. Such as: Couriers in bad whether- machinery breakdowns and in some cases even staff illness.  Good timing is important. WAIT FOR YOUR CONFIRMED DELIVERY DATE BEFORE ARRANGING ANY  BOOK LAUNCH DATES ETC. 

4.9. A book proof approval is required to be made by fax or by email.  A verbal approval over the phone is not sufficient. The Author’s approval is final and Love of Books Australia-wide servicing South Burnett, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast Australia is not liable for any changes made thereafter.

4.10. If there are further minor changes made by the Author to the Book after the second book proof is sent to the Author, Love of Books Australia-wide servicing South Burnett, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast Australia is entitled to charge further cost for such changes and may provide a further book proof on if requested.

4.11. REFUNDS – All refund entitlements are determined by management, in writing and are not negotiable under any terms. There will be a 30% surcharge for any printing quote that is given if the client/author changes his/her mind on any book printing service.

In the event of a communication breakdown that can not be resolved by both parties, a refund amount may be offered that takes into consideration the time taken in consulting, receiving emails, texts, letters and uploading and downloading files.  An administration fee of 300 dollars is also payable by you.

Lets be fair!  We have the right to refuse clients of abusive nature.

(The Law states: Any business does not have to serve a verbally abusive customer. Most businesses have the right to provide or withhold service to customers at their discretion).




(Why? It takes time to prepare these modules. They are worked in stages to completion from the initial 3 days cooling off period.  (They are digital files we create and can not and will not be refunded at any given time after the 3 day cooling off period)


(These are digital files we create in labour terms and can not be refunded at any given time after the 3 day cooling off period. No cancellation refund requests will be given for any digital produced module after the 3 day cooling off period).



You have 14 days from the day your products or books arrive to alert staff in writing by post of any manufacturing errors evident in the printed books.  If sending emails you must call the office for confirmation that your email has been received to start this process. You must make copies available for review or photos if requested if you are claiming reprints based on any manufacturing errors that you claim are evident in your work.

Any damaged books that are confirmed as damaged through manufacturing issues may be replaced at and on the managements discretion AND ANY REPRINTS WILL BE CONDUCTED from the same written approved (approval) file only and no new file unless you the customer wishes to pay for the new file and new books themselves.

Replacements offered by us will be in the same materials AND SAME FILE submitted to print as ordered as per the quote and invoice agreement or proof copy given if applied. If you want to submit a different/changed file, request a different material, bind or quality than the type that was approved in your quote acceptance or book proof once your books are printed see below:

Let’s be fair!   You can not change your mind about your book binding or type after printing has been completed unless you take responsibility for the total payment yourself.  All book printing is completed upon your approval of your printed proof copy OR instructions and selections you agreed to on your quote acceptance.

No refunds will be made for any colour differences as a result of rgb images or content placement on pages. Lets be fair!  This is because you need to check your content correctly before approving your proof copy.  You also need to supply graphics in cmyk value for the colour to closely represent what you intend it to be.

No refunds will be given on substitute paper that is a higher quality than stated on your quote acceptance sheet. Lets be fair.

4.11.a Love of Books Australia-wide servicing South Burnett, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast Australia do provide a reprint or redesign service according that the following conditions been met:

The errors are limited to:

  • If pages are not printed in proper sequence as per book proof as provided in the pdf. 
  • Pages printed upside down.
  •  Pages printed in wrong size.
  • Accidental fallout of pages that show no misuse or deliberate damage.

Absolutely no reprints will be provided once you have approved your book proof and then later found you have errors in the typing or format which were in your approved book proof.

Why? You, the author are responsible for the checking of your final written work. CHECK YOUR WORK THOROUGHLY BEFORE SENDING TO US FOR FORMATTING OR DESIGN. Once your book content and cover file ARE designed there will be a charge of $75 dollars per hour or part thereof for further change requests to the formatted files.

It is important that the Author checks and approves the book proofs with care.  Love of Books Australia-wide servicing South Burnett, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast Australia  is not responsible for incorrect faults in text, images or fonts once an approval of proof copy either by pdf or printed copy is supplied. Proof copies are produced for this reason. Authors and or their contracted editors are responsible for the thorough checking of files.

The Author must then return the written approval by fax or email to authorize the final printing. 

Love of Books Australia-wide servicing South Burnett, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast Australia  will not be accountable or held liable for any error or mistakes if these were not picked up by the Author during the proofing stages.

The Author must then return the written approval by fax or email to authorize the final printing.

4.11.b Absolutely no reprint will be provided if you insist on NOT receiving a proof copy before going to print and then find your layout OR ANY OTHER matter does not meet your expectations.

Love of Books South Burnett, Brisbane and Gold Coast Australia will not be accountable or held liable for any error or mistakes if these were not picked up by the Author during the proofing stages.

4.12. In all instances you are encouraged to attempt to work with us in order to complete your order in process to your expectations within its limitations.

5.0. The Author agrees:

5.1. Love of Books Australia-wide servicing South Burnett, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast Australia customer inquiry and newsletter list is private and confidential and will always remain Love of Books Australia property.

5.2. To assume any and all liability for the Book content and to indemnify and keep indemnified BPA from any loss or liability arising directly or indirectly from the Book content provided by the Author; and

5.3. Never to send or commission unsolicited emails (“spam”), or news group posting, containing any mention of, or link/reference to, Love of Books Australia-wide servicing South Burnett, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast Australia (including its website, email addresses, company name or phone numbers), without the permission of  Love of Books Australia-wide servicing South Burnett, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast Australia.  Any email or posted letter sent addressed to yourself, sent by any Love of Books staff member is for your own private reading only. You must never share any written mail with anyone else or by any public viewing.

We value your privacy.  Love of Books Australia – wide will honor to yourself likewise.  Our client list is kept private and confidential and will only be used for conducting your business through our staff in relation to your publishing and or printing process.

5.4.  Love of Books Australia – wide is not liable for the handling of the books out of its possession or control that may cause defects or damage to the book’s condition. The Author agrees to advise the bookstore management that all digitally printed books sent to bookstores: be kept away from rain, direct sunlight, high heat or humid conditions to ensure book covers from curling or peeling or interior from curling or waving.

6.0. Both Parties agree:

6.1. This agreement is non‐exclusive and either party may terminate this agreement at any time by giving written notice without any necessary cause, provided only that all outstanding compensation and amount owing for work completed by  Love of Books Australia – wide is finalised by the Author to Love of Books Australia – wide .

6.2.  Love of Books Australia – wide does not warrant its website or any associated website to being uninterrupted or error‐free. Love of Books Brisbane and Gold Coast Australia agrees to use due diligence and reasonable care in maintaining its website;

6.3.  Love of Books Australia – wide will not be responsible for loss of nor damage to materials submitted by the Author, including manuscripts, CDs, DVDs, zip disks, artwork and photographs.

6.4. For the purposes of enabling Love of Books Brisbane and Gold Coast Australia to perform its obligations pursuant to this publishing agreement, the Author hereby grants to Love of Books Australia – wide the right to use the book cover for display/marketing purposes on either the website or in general promotional materials and environments. You may of course elect for us not to do this if you are not marketing your work.

6.5.  Love of Books Australia – wide may contract all or parts of its service to other companies with guaranteed providers only who are under a confidentiality agreement of non-disclosure.

6.6.  Love of Books Australia – wide will release print ready files after the first print production only unless stated otherwise. If we have setup the print ready files for you and you do not ask for the final print ready files to be given to you within a 3 months time frame then we are not obligated to give YOU ANY FILES after this time period. Why? We can not be held responsible for the backing up of your files. Anything can happen. Computer backups are not reliable. That is why we encourage you to request your own have backup copy as soon as possible within the 3 month time frame, as a very important safe guard. PRINT READY FILES PREPARED BY LOVE OF BOOKS are saved on a backup special cloud print server for our use to complete prints only.

6.7. Love of Books Australia – wide, at its discretion can make any changes to this service agreement from time to time without notice.  This agreement is the full agreement and all its terms.  This agreement shall be deemed to be embodied in all jobs accepted by the Author.

6.8. Any books or materials stored at the Love of Books Australia-wide’s warehouse may be disposed of after 12 months in storage if no authority by the author is received for the delivery to another address or storage facility is given by the end of the 12 months term.  The disposing will consist of either trash or deposit to charity organisations. Determined by the discretion of management.  No items will be sold for profit by Love of Books in any form.

Printing has never been this easy, quick and economical.

We are proud to be able to provide a very high quality digital and offset printing services . You will find our turnaround and pricing extremely competitive. Combine this with an easy to use on-line, on demand ordering system and you’ll never think of ordering your prints any other way. We specialize in printing so that you can concentrate on your business.  We guarantee our quality. On-line ordering is easy but we recommend that you talk to one of our specialists to ensure your order is processed correct!

The Process

What can you expect when you contact us?

We will spend time with you discussing different options to consider in order to meet your needs.

We will make suggestions as to the optimum way your job can be produced. We may send you samples of different materials or products for you to choose from.

We will supply you with a prompt quote based on your needs as discussed.

We will visit you in area locations printed on the home page of this website. You do not need to come to us (unless you want to of course, we love visitors).

When you choose to go ahead (accept) your quote we will ask for the quote to be signed and returned, along with the print ready artwork. If you do not have print ready artwork we can help you with that too.

We will ask for your deadline for delivery and your delivery details.  We will advise you what you need to do to meet any deadlines. We will advise you if your deadline is acceptable.

We will send you a proof (and a mock up if required) for your approval before the job goes to production.  A proof copy for digital print runs can take from a few days to 8 days and this time is from the date the files are agreed by yourself to be print ready.

For large print runs, offset requirements or overseas print orders the proofing stage after the digital files are agreed by you as print ready can take anywhere from 8 days, depending on the type of file and the amount of communication required with your files. We check all files that are to go overseas for proofing thoroughly before sending.  Why do we spend time with your files initially in order to speed up the process.

We may send you photos of your books as they progress and before we ship it.

We will keep in touch and communicate with you at every stage of the process.

We will check the quality of your job before we deliver it to you. We will not send out sub standard work.

We guarantee and stand by the quality of our work.

We will confirm delivery with you and track the job the whole way.

If you do not have room to store your printed items we can store them for you. We can then manage delivery of the goods at a later date when it suits you. There is no cost for up to 3 months storage. After 3 months the cost is negotiable depending on the quantity. 1000 books can amount to 100 dollars per month. Best to check with your consultant if there will be costs involved here.

Call us now to find out about producing your job offshore and what the benefits to you may be.

Book Printing in China and Taiwan

Risk Removed + Increased Profit

Deal directly with a foreign printing company at your own peril!

Large foreign printing companies are geared specifically to deal with trade publishers and large agencies that ‘speak their language’. Intimate knowledge of the entire pre-press and book printing processes is assumed.  There is also the large variable between printers in the way they handle files, their processes and payment and shipping procedures. Our resources and Press Publishing experts have the experience within this industry for the benefit of our clients. We can provide the safety net, navigating around the pitfalls to ensure your book printing & publishing goals are fulfilled, at a cost often less then dealing direct with offshore firms that may or may not deliver what you want.

Offshore printing supplied using our resource centre can provide firm savings. You deal only with a reputable established Australian book printing and publishing company specializing in the Australian book trade.  We supply only the highest quality printed products.

It is important to understand that not every print job should be considered for overseas printing.  Overseas printing is not well-suited for: – Projects requiring less than a 9 week turnaround or short print-run projects (Under 200 hardcover books, 500 paperback books.).




How long will an overseas printing job take from start to finish?

Press proofs typically may take APPROX. 8-21 days to arrive for your approval. But in most cases you may recieve your book proof sooner. Once we receive your approval of the press proofs, the printing, binding, finishing, hands-on labour, and packaging can all be done within 4 weeks. Ocean freight will take approximately 14 days and rush delivery by air will take 3-8 days. Customs clearance and delivery to specified addresses take an extra 4-6 days. On many occasions partial air-shipments have been included into rush projects. Fulfillment of an initial shipment would include either shipping from our overseas factories via air freight or through DHL.

Is there a minimum order for overseas printing?

100 hardcover books or 500 paperback books IS THE ANSWER WITH US. Usually jobs that require more hands-on labor(spiral & double wire-o binding, custom cutting & finishing, etc…) save the most with overseas printing due to inexpensive labor costs; regardless of the quantities.

Can THIS RESOURCE deliver the job to a destination I specify?

We offer door-to-door service – we look after all taxes, legal documents and fulfill all customs forms and legalities. Or, if you are on a tight budget, you can pick up from a our depot at all capital cities.

Does THIS SERVICE offer design and consultancy services?

We are specialists in custom publishing for small to large business and organizations.

Offshore Printing Summary

The advantages of using our resource centre to source your offshore Printing

We work with a select few printing factories in China and Taiwan that produce quality work. We have already tested the waters. So there is no risk to you.

If you want savings then this is a viable option.

We can produce – books of many different types including packaging for your books.

You are dealing with an established Australian Printing company. WE take care of of your project from start to finish.

We have pre-press facilities in Australia that enable us to make those last minute alterations, so your job can be delivered without delay.

We are in regular contact with overseas suppliers checking jobs and strengthening our relationships.

If you require an urgent part delivery we can arrange this too. Then provide the balance by shipping offshore.

As a printing company we know how to specify an order so you get what you want.

We would like to meet you in person and discuss your requirements if this is preferred.